June 20th, 2005


Monday, June 20

"Didn't we agree that the bazooka was an outdoor toy?" hahahaha...
the back of the fathers day card the boys got me... :D

It's a day made of sunshine, wonderful air, and... sadly... slightly maroon cubical walls ...
blocking any view of a window... grrrrrr!!!!

I was dreaming up a storm this morning... but I cannot for the life of me remember any of it...
only that when I woke up, I was all smiley and happy about the dream...
but it vanished the moment I tried to remember it... not fair, really.

On a possibly related note (though I can't really imagine how) my right ankle hates me today. s-s-s-s-s-sore!
I keep having to take off my shoe and curl my toes down and sorta step on it...
It's lunch... and it's still way sore. more grrrrrr!

oh, OH... and dig this.. [ :: on my way to work :: ] there was a heavy police presence along the side of the road... at first I thought "oh goody... rubber necker heaven" ... but when the first BIG vehicle was marked "Region Explosives Team" or whatever... well, people didn't hang around. It seems... they closed the highway in both directions... mere moments after I passed. (man that would have slowed things down!!)

~ green ftls
~ green dockers...
~ white dress shirt...
~ and... the tie with a bit of green in it...
~ up and zooooom... work as early as I could... but after ironing a shirt and making lunches... i still didn't get here till 9:00. sigh.
~ finish a powerpoint presentation... (done)
~ work on my 1 of 3 report.... (definitely not done... big sigh)
~ go for a walk after dinner!!!! that "walk" stuff keeps slipping and it's so important! :)
~ that mac mini's were a little less expensive... well, ok ... that powerbooks were a lot less expensive... :D
~ that I find my way to some wedding pictures from princessblondie's wedding!!!
~ to send a little "congratulations" moment out to starlazdaze... go you!
~ to point out that if my wifes mom patted her tummy and said "hmmm" ... I'd expect that the sky was pink and that I was a martian... who does this kind of thing?
~ I knew what was up with my long time lj friend sunshowers08... but for now... I'm just sending out some good vibes and a breath of hope.

/// So they (the ubiquitous "they" that keeps popping up) are talking about some kind of legislation or community action plan regarding scents. The person they brought on to make the big deal about was a nurse that had to change jobs away from the ER to some other part of the hospital because patients perfume was giving her respiratory problems.
mmmk. I can dig that, for example, I work on a scent free floor of this government building. But when a woman (or a man) is getting on their fine duds... heading out for a special night of celebrations... and putting on a little dab of dolche and gabbana perfume, the last thing they are thinking about (let alone caring) is whether or not their "scent" will be a problem for the ER nurse when they get smashed up by some rampaging SUV and find themselves on extended recovery vacations. It's a lot like someone with a peanut allergy demanding the chance to work at the Oh Henry factory... Um... screw off. Scent issues are a real problem but don't expect the planet to drop the notion of scents because some one wants to be a ER nurse. I repeat... Screw off.

// For decades now... breakfast tables across the land have been the seed pods of the great language battles. Little french kids saying "papa... a'cause qua?" pointing at the cerial box... and little english kids saying... "hahaha... look how much space they need to say that in french... " It's like two sentences for the english slogan... and then the rest of the box to say the same thing in french. You'd think it was bad 'nuf that they have to drone on and on to say the same thing... but you know... those french... they not only have a different word for almost everything... the words they have that are totally the same... they have to "say" them different. Talk about overcompensating.

work work work... :)