June 19th, 2005


Sunday, June 19

What a crazy weekend! Friday night was the big party for my folks...
And Saturday... after swimming lessons for the boys, was all about stuffing and cooking two 15 lb turkeys... hahaha... Dude... listen close... "Do not try to cook turkeys on a cookie sheet." hahaha... stop laughing!!! It was necessary to get the birds in the oven while I boogied off to the store to get a big-ass tin-foil roasting pan (big'nuf for two birds!!). Yeah, well, opening the oven door to FLAMES SHOOTING OUT ALL OVER THE PLACE was handily the stuff of great memories. :D The turkeys turned out delicious, btw... Suz made three vats of mexican dip (the families current 'fav appetizer' - see recipe below).

We put it all together for a quaint dinner for 24 at my folks house... we had them up against a wall taking pictures of "just the two of them" and then said..."now lets get one with the whole family" and my brother rushed in and handed them the framed picture, while I snapped away... hahaha... it was lovely. My mom is over the moon with the portrait we made for her. I'll get a picture of it later...

This was the gang last night... and I worry that perhaps it's close to the last time I'll get to have my mom and all three of her sisters in one place. Her younger sister spent a good twenty years in J-Burg (S.A.) raising a family that still lives there... :) Now she lives with her oldest sister, taking care of her... The oldest, who took care of their mom for the last years of her life... is being well cared for by her sisters now. :)

I woke up with a bit of a boomer today (headache) but it's totally my fault for drinking a small glass of scotch last night... (corto math: alcohol + corto = headache)
So I got one of those bean-bag things in the microwave...
heated it up...
made coffee...
and sat the table to read the paper with the hot pack on my neck.

Suddenly... everybody is trooping down the stairs with bags and smiles...
I honestly had no flippen idea it was fathers day. None. Nothing... hahaha...
I have a wonderful family... (who are, btw, all leaving me alone to read my friends pages and write uninterrupted... *sigh*. :D)

~ pj pants
~ p-z top
~ a layer of sleep... :)
~ oh... some lazy moments...
~ shower...
~ visit my dad...
~ to send my heart and all the strength it has within... out Moon Daddy.
~ to say... I love all the wonderful dedications to the dads I'm seeing on my friends pages... :)
~ that my long time friend, lizvang finds a little bit of cool water (no boiling). You're a good girl Liz... (hugsyouforawhile).

In memoriam
It is with a heavy heart that I read the sad entry
posted in moonmama's journal. Her
husband, bless his heart, posted a note to her
friends here in Lj land. She has been an LJ friend
for many years and I will always remember her for
her fun loving attitude and penguin creations.
Dearest Sonya... please rest in peace and watch
over your family. Their grief must surely give way
to happy memories.
We are born to pass away... an inescapable destiny,
made bearable by the immortality achieved by bringing
forth children and nurturing them to be good and caring
[ :: obit :: ]

* Mexican Dip. Look, this is way simple and maybe everybody makes this...
but i gotta say... it's so freaking good, it's almost dangerous...
because people stuff themselves on it and then are supposed to have room left for dinner. :D
A shallow serving bowl or platter (I just use a big rectangular cake pan).
~ spread a can of refried beans across the bottom... (from the mexican food shelf at the grocery store)
~ a layer of sour cream... (use low fat ... I mean... why not?)
~ a layer of salsa (pick you level of spice!) ... spoon this around to cover all the sour cream
~ a layer of shredded cheddar cheese.
Scoop it out with nacho chips and enjoy!

(no subject)

K... so go to the kitchen and get a grocery bag...

Now use it to empty the trash bin beside your desk.
So far so good?
First, just say "bang" into the air.
Ok, now hold the bin in two hands.
Now.. hold the bin in front of your face.
(Open end towards your face!)
K, say "bang" again.

That's called "amplification".
Say it with me... "ammm - pli - fi - ca - shun"

This is what I hate about take'en
a crap in a public wash room.