June 16th, 2005


Thursday, June 16

Find a reason to smile... Make one up if you have to. consider it exercise...
(not sure what happened with the picture... I had one of Geo and I... but I guess it got squished).

Yeah... I'm a bit early today.
The rest of the day is one long knuckle-under thing... I have a report / presentation due tomorrow, so ... you know... I oughtta start soon... (ar ar ar... - my boss reads this stuff... and I like to torture him... hi boss)

It's fab outside... ugly gray and threatening rain... BUT definitely coooooool. How lovely. :)
Last nights soccer practice was canceled for the ham-bone in the picture up there... but tonights a game night and those go down no matter what... well, ok, lightening strikes would prol'y stop it... :)

So last night was all about shopping for Saturday... (you can't get a BIG fresh turkey in June... so i got two smaller gobblers), and then geeky moments installing a new NIC in my server an a cd burner in the kids computer - I love reusing geek from defunct computers!!! My old CD burner found a new life because Geo realized he can burn CDs straight out of iTunes. imagine... he's nine... he's selecting music from a library of a couple of thousand songs... and burning cd's to play in a boom box with his friends. He may look a lot like me... but... I was clueless about music till I was a teenager. But I'm guessing this is an "older brother" thing. My music was basically my brothers music ... and I see the same thing happening with Ed and Geo.

~ red strippee... getting old... ftls (insert 10 second burst of Peter from Family Guy standing there in shredded tightly whities with a white waist band saying... "They're old... but the elastic is still good..."
~ dk blue dockers
~ maroon dress shirt and the baroque tie. :)
~ all about the knuckle today...
~ finish this and vanish into a report writing marathon...
~ oh... 1 pm meeting that, sadly, can go till 3... I'll bring my lap top... :)
~ soccer tonight...
~ that I remember to cruise the net and find out when the next installments of AR, BB, and Survivor kick over... I'm hungry for some crappy tv... :)
~ to send some "happy negative results" vibes out to my friend arlyn... that's a good kind of negative sugar... :)
~ to point out that I bet I'd have some good fun going out to play with my friend fragbert and his gang... ("gang" ... hahaha... ok ok sorry, no laughing).
~ for good "downtime" to find ouroboros668... and keith... we should talk soon! :)
~ to say... "I saw Meave on the news the other night." (she looked FABULOUS in her wedding dress... um... was it bad luck for bruno to see that news segment?) |:D

David Sutherland passed. He was 56. He is the artist behind most the guide book art from the history of D&D and AD&D.... rip.

There is, in my interpretation of the world around me, a significant irony behind the protests of Catholics to Henry Morgentaler being honoured by a Canadian University. They are vilifying, whining, and protesting about a man that sacrificed his life to the pursuit of the dream to protect women and promote their rights as individuals. He gave up his time, his family, his income, his freedom, and has shouldered the burden of scorn, ridicule, intimidation, threats and physical harm because he believes in something that is framed by the fundamental notion that a woman should have the right to make decisions about her life.

So why are Catholics... who worship a man that, the stories say, sacrificed his life, to championing the underprivileged and meek, protesting this man? Oh wait... do we have to execute Morgantaller before we're allowed to revere him? I'll tell you something... I've met Dr. Morgentaler... I had lunch with him and spent a day in his company when I was in collage and he is an amazing and dedicated, selfless, champion of womens rights. That stands MILES ABOVE the champions of the Catholic church that oppress women around the world, abuse children here in my city, my province and across my country, and turn a blind eye to the suffering of millions around the world... They are protesting at the university that dares to honour the man? They are forcing their captives (students in Catholic high schools) to observe a minute of silence and calling it a mass protest of Morgentalerr... and the leaders of the church on the radio and television denouncing his work, and his achievements as the devils work.

Bottom line: That's a great deal of judgment from a group that espouses the notion that judgment is best left to someone in a better position to see the big picture.


gotta jet... :)

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Never give up.

Give in... sure. Heck, it could be your turn.
That's part of negotiating and sometimes necessary... when it's all about love.

But giving up?