June 15th, 2005


Wednesday, June 15

~ the evil dr. melnic and his maniac smile... :)

It's like a curse... the late night thing. Suz and I were crawling into bed at 1:12... totally good timing for bed... "early" by our standards... and what happens? the MOST amazing light show of a thunder storm I've seen in ages. There was a twenty minute stretch of practically persistent lightening. Totally awesome... So, of course, I sat up at the window above our bed and watched. :)

The temperature drop is a welcome relief... maybe the kids appetites will climb again. :D

Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to keep the little :)'s and :D's out of my normal work related correspondence? (arrrrrggggggg! er... no, It's not "international talk like a pirate day" ... that's on September 19.)

My folks 50th anniversary is this weekend. Friday night... big party at a club they belong to... 50 guests... (go figure). Saturday is another do with a closer knit group of family and friends... looking like about 25 people at that one. I'm cooking a big mother turkey... potato salad and ... a mexican dip appetizer... :O

~ black ftls
~ dk green dockers...
~ white dress shirt... a tie with a little green in there... and these grouses... (is that plural grouse? surely it's not gross.?)
~ update meeting with client
~ face plant on a couple of documents... tick tick tick...
~ grocery shop for saturday night... (see above re: folks 50)
~ geo's soccer practice
~ a little good luck for kimmellee with the dirty bum.
~ nothing but wishes for my friend catherine ...
~ to just send some good vibes out to chicken_kisses. You're really good mojo sugar... I'm so glad I get to know you.
~ and a little good luck with the gig out to dinkydo who... clearly needs some. :D

Literally YEARS ago, I wrote in my journal about the story from Pakistan of a woman that was "sentanced" to a gang raping by four village men as a punishment for something her brother did. This is a punk ass little village run by "traditional" fuck brains ... and you know... that's supposed to excuse things. They went on to make her walk almost naked (after the whole village listened to them raping her) past all of them... theoretically to move her to suicide with shame. The story made our news cycles because she didn't suicide... she bitched-out to the cops and anyone else that would listen and the rapists were arrested, tried and convicted. Cool huh...
Yeah... lets update: March 5, the government tosses the cases against the rapists, and frees them all... (insufficient evidence... despite 300 witnesses) She tries to leave the country last week, assisted by Amnesty Int'l to come to America for a "speaking circuit" thing... and the government arrests her and spirits her away... then denies any knowledge of her whereabouts. Amnesty gets them to fess up and the media attention opens the door to the possibility that she wont be "vanished" ... We can only hope.
Bottom Line: This is a country with a solid "cast" system that systematically abuses, kills, disfigures, tortures its citizens. The government is corrupt and a party to the abuses AND they have (in theory) nukes ...

So... my question is... why doesn't George Bush invade them? They actually have WDMs to go along with all the other shit going on in Pakistan... Surely the purveyors of peace, prosperity, democracy and baseball don't want to play favorites...

Oh wait... sovereign nation with an elected leader and a government (however corrupt) and a seat at the UN... heck you can't just go and invade them because you don't like how they run things... er... um... ok... wait...

There were just about enough "pundits" and "luminaries" on the radio this morning talking about how solid the Federal Conservative Party is under the leadership of Stevie Harper that it leads one to conclude that they must be fucked and about to fry his intolerant, homophobic, honky ass. One can only hope...

Meanwhile... the government survived several confidence votes yesterday... most on the strength of the alliance between the Liberals and New Democratic Party (NDP). I'm swear to you... if they banded together to form the LDPC ... (Liberal Democratic Party of Canada) they would form a majority government in a sweep and hold it for a decade.


See ya. :)

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the never ending hand-me-down thing continues.
Nephews that are turning 13 are handing over clothing ... that 's basically brand new, too small for them, and toooooo big for Geo.
So Suz gets it. :)

She had ... has... this Spongebob shirt on... and she looks cute... so I'm kinda all over her
and then I realize... his spongy-bob eyes are... well positioned.
Let alone... I'm smooching all over the spongeboy...

ps. server coming down... replacing a nic... if I fuck it up... well, we'll see wont we. :D