June 13th, 2005


Monday, June 13

(air quote day)

So... it's been hot and mugg-city for three days... and the people at the weather service who spend the winter telling you "it's -20 out there but with the wind chill it's gonna feel like -35" who you want run over with your car... yeah, those guys... well, they're at it again with the (air quotes) "humidex reading"... as in "it's hot today... it's 30 degrees but with the humidex ... well, it feels like 42..." (and then someone runs into the studio and pitches the weather dude out the window.)

Dude... just say'en. If it feels like it's 42... it's 42. (tips hat to arthur dent).

We had a great wake up and roll today. :) No hassles... (I love that... :D)

~ black stripee ftls
~ dk green dockers ...
(I noticed, in some images from the get together on Saturday night, how little I like the way "docker" pants look. They've been a staple, vis-a-vee "inexpensive" and "readily available" but ... I'm going to have to go out and get new dress pants... because ... once you decide an article of clothing looks bad... you can't escape that notion!!)
~ new three tone dress shirt and a very new dk blue tie.
~ gap analisys continues between what my client has... and what they need...
~ meetings, and phone calls abound...
~ and all the while... home calls to me... "come and relax... forget all that work stuff... cook... be happy". Can you hear it?
~ tonight...? Did Medium have a season finale... yes eh... that one with the Texas Marshal in the hospital bed?
~ to remind lalaland... that I am stunned by how seriously salt n pepper my hair has become...
~ that ectv has a great time with her parents... :)
~ a very quiet little wish for psychomagnet... just because it's nice to keep her in my thoughts... :)

Imagine... as early as grade 4, children have to cut school in order to get the assigned homework done... Long gone, I suppose, are the days of cutting class because you wanted to play or get stoned... When the work load gets stupid for Geo... suz just goes into the school, finds his teacher, and chews him out till he relents... which is wonderful... but we know other moms who have honestly keep junior home from school... so she can do homework. Yikes....

... Busy day...
gotta jet. :)

see ya on the flip. :)
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Oh Glovey....

hahahaha... not since 9/11 have the msnbc and cnn web sites responded so slowly...

My guess... Not guilty.

There's far tooooo many "reasonable doubts" in this story.

The reality? Micky J is one seriously bent human being and I have no doubt he wants sexual contact with those little kids, but he probably does not actually see how wrong his actions are.

End of the story? He moves to Europe and lives out the next four years before his gruesome murder trying to get Madonna to pay attention to him.

(no subject)

Ok... I'm on "real time chat with an HP Technician"
at the HP Support page (printer problem)
This is soooooooooo a bot.

Linda: Hello Andrew.
Linda: Welcome to HP Total Care for Photosmart Products. My name is Linda. How may I assist you today?
andrew *: Hi linda... the problem is getting my 7150 to print without a tab.
andrew *: Goal: 4x6 (no tab) hp photo paper
Linda: Please go ahead with the query.
andrew *: I set everything... "borderless printing" 4x6 (no tab) and select the HP Premius Plus paper... 4x6 and yet... the 7150 still prints the image and crops off a bit ont he left for a "tab"!!!
Linda: Okay, I am here to assist you and will do my best to resolve your issue.
Linda: Are you using this printer along with your computer or is it a stand alone printer?
andrew *: NOT stand alone
Linda: okay, Thank you for the information.
Linda: Here I am sending you a web page, which contains the possible resolution to this issue, It will appear in the pop up page which you got when you connected to this chat session.
Linda: I have sent you the page, May I know whether the Web page is opening for you?
andrew *: it's trying to... yes... looks open. Let me look at it...
Linda: Sure, take your time.
Linda: One more important thing is, 4 x 6 inch media prints without borders on three sides with a small extra border on the BOTTOM edge that should be trimmed off after printing. For further information, I request you to visit the following web site:
Linda: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/genericDocument?cc=us&docname=c00028924&lc=en
Linda: NOTE: If clicking the link above does not work: Select and copy the entire link. Open a browser window and paste the link in the address bar. Click Go or, on your keyboard, press Enter or Return.
andrew *: so... do you watch The L Word?
andrew *: no seriously... this isn't helping.
andrew *: The first link talked about an issue unrelated to my problem.
andrew *: the second link is a survey...
andrew *: bot bot bot
Linda: Okay, it is not the survey. Here I ams ending you the second page once again.
Linda: May I know whether the Web page is opening for you?
andrew *: yes... I have to look it over for a moment...


(note: This goes on for a while longer... and ... INSANELY... Linda the bot... solved my problem.

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