June 10th, 2005


Friday, June 10

An absolutely perfect and beautiful day... be jealous... 28 - 32 degrees... sunshine and blue sky...
and maybe just a little light step thing that makes everything just a little better. :)

We got the boys into bed at 8:30 last night... like... lights out at 8:30. gah!!! it was awesome... They get soooo obviously overtired and then all the crazy stuff starts. There are so many stresses that parents have to cope with... that result from their kids acting up purely because they're too tired and refuse to cave in and sleep... it's a vicious cycle of strain and the only way to bake it ... is to get the kids on a better cycle and stick to it.
(of course, half of that is self-talk to try and motivate myself to stick with the program!!.

Edward is having me read him the novel version of the new star wars movie... Revenge of the Sith...
We're just past the part when Palpatine talks to Aniken at the Opera.
Edward perks up from the drawing/doodles he's doing while I read to say;
"You know... the book is a lot better... because you get to find out what the characters were thinking!" (absolutely direct quote from Ed the 7yr old)
(moment of daddy-like pride over his intuitive nature...)

~ black ftls
~ beige p-z jeans [ :: and, yeah, so it's friday... :: ]
~ funkadelic short sleeve button up shirt with these basket weave patter thing...
~ le poop kicker shoes... :) (they look so bad... but feel so goooood. - they're my stomp shoes)
~ expense report...
~ friday planning session...
~ process review
~ lunch...
~ rinse ... repeat...
~ tonight? well... no soccer... I think I'd like to play at there.com tonight... :) that'd be fun.
~ for my friend, nancy (snicker)... cybersweetie... to find her way...
~ there are no words acoolsecretary... only caring hearts and great big eyes that try so hard to see the world. (smooch)
~ to wave a few more times at kaleidoscopeeye and wish her the best of luck at the interview. :D :D
~ that sweet kitiara ... lives through the wee absence of the Commander. :)

Tomorrow is Meave's wedding day...
(ok... it's next saturday... but the wishes stand!! :D)
Dearest princessblondie... you're friendship, kindness
and remarkable spirit are nothing short of an inspiration.
May the journey you are beginning tomorrow be a life long pleasure
cruise that teaches you, sooths you, and gives you every
opportunity to experience the greatest of loves many gifts.
Congratulations sugar.


Our children are not toys for the partisan forces of government and
the military industrial complex to play with. Truancy laws still exist.
School is not an optional thing... and our children... prior to their
reaching the age of majority are to be cared for by the steady and
non-partisan hands of an independent school administration.

hence my lack of understanding for the Catholic school system here
in Canada... but never more clearly aghast than at the notion of
military recruiters working the school yards.
Their reputation (the US Army recruiters) is less than stellar lately.
This kind of thing... just makes it worse.


gotta go... Have a GREAT friday!!!

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Music hunt...
New Joss Stone...


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I am forever struck by the way you give me back emotional context...
opening up deep feelings and thoughts whenever I let mine slip into this world.

It lifts me... to see the admissions... to feel the shared joy and pain.
We are not so different, you and I.

This is why I love you.
And that is why I will never choose to let you slip away.
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er... k... sorry that last moment of geek zen was supposed to land in the linux community.
pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.