June 8th, 2005


Wednesday, June 8

Say hi to Z. :D

You know... I make serious plans to get the heck to bed earlier... and no matter what I do... it always ends up close to 2:00.
That has sooooooooooo got to change. Starting??? tonight?? sigh... I'll try.

We slammed open the windows and off-ed the A/C last night as a cool snap blew in... it was totally lovely!!!
We woke up to rain... teeming rain, but it ended and the day is just being ... coolish.
It was a completely calm and enjoyable morning... everything clicked along without stress or strain. :)
I like mornings that go smooooooth.

I totally feel for my friends out west... seven straight days of rain... emergency measures kicking in as floods build up power... ug!!

~ green ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ red dress shirt... and a blue, red and grey tie...
~ get through the day...
~ I'm in a stage of the engagement that is basically dedicated to reading vast volumes of literature related to my subject... and dude... EYES WIDE SHUT TIME... yikes.
~ take off from work a bit early to get in a picture (see f.o. post to follow)...
~ geo's soccer practice is tonight... coach andy running around trying to appear reasonably athletic... :)
~ we have got to finish the castle tonight...
~ for a little magic to find dreamy_thoughts... and maybe a basket of bucks for the ER bill!!!
~ that the St. Dave, the patron saint of job seekers*, smiles on my friend aliseana
~ to send a few prayers out to vinnie58's MIL... I hope all is well.... !!
~ that kimberly27616 gets the call she's waiting for... and a little good news would be nice too!

I read a post about a highschool student that dropped dead this week... somewhere in the big world... Reading the story reminded me of some family friends... who's 11 year old son fell down dead as he ran the bases in a league game. The park was named after him and there is a big fund raising event every summer in his name. The thing is... I look at George ... I look at Edward... I read stuff about this kind of thing happening... and I swear... I cannot even begin to imagine how on earth I could continue if something horrific like that happened in my family. I just cannot fathom what would become of me... *sigh*.

There is not one day that passes without my thoughts turning to the great joy in my life and how remarkably thankful I am that I am able to have that happiness.

You know... CNN reports that the "overall death toll of US troops" is 1,682.
Does anyone have statistics on how many injuries ("send the soldier home" type injuries) there have been?
Do you think there are still parents out there that are all proud of little johnny who has joined up to Serve and got his little self shipped off to iraq?

Dear mom and dad;
So I'm here in (deleted city name) in iraq on my third tour of duty.
Everyone I knew when I started the first tour... is dead.
I feel so alone.
I want to come home...
Please tell Jenny to not grow up till I get back.

There will be a day
When you will see
That you have not seen
Or even known where to look.
I hope you can live with yourself
When that day comes.
There has to be a day
When you tell yourself
Enough is enough
Call your children home.
They miss you.

* St. Dave... yes I made that up... is there a patron saint of job hunters?

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So we went...
Dude snapped a zillion pictures...

... and I kept pushing the timer on my little camera and running back to the "zone".

We will be selecting pics from his "proofs" tonight to turn into a big framed dealio... ("dealio"... "trevor")

The pics beyond this link... are just the a few of the ones I snapped... not the pro's stuff...
(not by a long shot!).

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