June 3rd, 2005


Friday, June 3

Hola... it's friday... it's hot out again... hot and sunny.
Regrettably... we caved and snapped on the A/C last night in the house... so I'll have a cold inside a week.
We had a total zoom fest this morning, with lunches not ready and waking up a few minutes later than we should.
Geo has a "tack and field day" at school so he needed extra stuff and then there's the "slap on the sunscreen" moment at the door... hahaha ... we were really cooking this morning. :D

Last night was a bit of a wash... we finished soccer, homework, castle work, play time and story time... then when the kids were tucked away, suz watched some of the O'Phil zone (oprah and dr tickets* on the pvr) while I slapped another coat of paint on the castle bits (sneaky daddy...)
Sidebar: Phil was all about "how to fight and how not to fight" in a relationship. Great subject... BUT DUDE... watching Dr. Cyrano sitting in a dark closet whispering into a hidden ear piece of a dude fighting with this wife... was OVER THE MOON creepy. He was dictating and the dude was repeating... ahhhhhh. Imagine if Phill just happened to have a paxil spike or something and lost it? "I will make a plan... I promise to take the steps that will help us be better.... arrrrrggggg... k'mere bitch and taste some of this... >>smack<< shop smart baby... shop s-mart!" hahaha... (or course, i get my Phil as a soundtrack-only from the other room. :D)
Yeah, so I finished with the castle... had a chat with the admiral and joined Z on the sofa... BLINK BLINK... 2:00 am.
Major crash out for the both of us...

* hey... fifteen times a show they slap up a note with their address and it reads "Dr. Phil Tickets" ...

~ dk blue ftls
~ blue jeans... [ :: dude... I so love fridays... :: ]
~ red p-z golf shirt...
~ to go wash my hand... I spilled coffee on it in the car... (ouch) ... but... now everything smells like coffee... of course... I could just keep my hand off my face...
~ I have three 1/2 inch thick documents to totally understand this morning... I wish I could firewire them into my head... a la johny numonic...
~ to rent something worth watching tonight...
~ to send a few good vibes out to canuckgirl ... just 'cuz.
~ that pixiecup gets to find her dancing feet this weekend... :)
~ and that my buddy keefsbriefs gets a couple of suggestions for the "number one thing..." in his recent post!!

So like, it's about the size of two grains of rice...
leaf green and tapered at one end. It kinda "flows"
it's insides around resulting in motion... but every
now and then it "twitches" and sorta jumps.
I'm sitting... reaching over this large pot thing on a
table and crumbling a ritz cracker... just little bits of
cracker and as the crumbs hit the dirt... these little
green dudes kinda "flip" up out of the dirt and wiggle
about in the new crumbs... first a couple... then more...
but the first ones actually seem longer after twitching
a few times. I'm telling my friend to look... "look at these
little things..." crumble crumble crumble... and more
little green things... then I look at the sleeve of my sweater.
One of the green guys must have flipped onto it...
but wait... another one twitches out from within the
weave of the sweater... ick... oh... now there's a bunch
along my arm... My friend is backing away... he's kind
of laughing but he's move away... god!!! there's one
on my shirt... I look down to see one twitch up, out of
the fabric on my chest but I hardly cared... it was the
squishy feeling under my chin that had my attention...
I reach to my neck and there's hundreds and hundreds
of them pooled around my throat... ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!
I'm pulling at my shirt...
and I wake up on the sofa.
You gotta dig... total mental flip out yo.


A really sweet friend of mine here in LA LA er... LJ Land, was wondering if people
would go for a community set up as a place to promote your personal journal...
build readership... find new friends and contacts in the LJ Landscape.
I know there was a promo community before... but I think it was to promote
communities. Anyways, as a favor to her, I offered to ask all'y'all about it. So tell me...

Poll #505706 ljpromo

Would you join her Promote-Your-LJ community?


// k... time to get back to work.
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