June 2nd, 2005


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(and yes... I've been Posty McPostallot... sorry)

~ Head Coach Tucked Into Shorts Golf Shirt dude... is drill dude from plan nine.
I mentioned to the other coach ... that the kids show up at practice because they look forward to the scrimage game that goes down in the second half of practice.
There was no game.
There were plenty of drills. I know... practice... still and all... it's kids community league soccer.
Including the amazingly stupid one where the kids are all dribbling the ball around one another in a field-marker marked box in this elimination game. Dribble your ball around, and protect it, but kick anyone elses ball out of the box and they're out. Fun as that may sound... four kids on the side, two crying, holding thier ankles.
It was a kick fest like you can't believe. Nine year olds... ten year olds... some pack a wallup... so can bearly run without falling over.
Practice from 7:00 to 8:00. School night... June... Tests, projects, homework... and coach dude is still going strong at 8:10.
He and I are having a talk this week.

~ geo's castle got some more paint tonight. The walls need another coat... sand rubbed on 'em when their wet and little sharpie black marker marks. And no they're not "on".. the walls are just place where they'll be... because it's more fun that way! :D
[ :: no flash... :: ] [ :: flash :: ] Edward got to paint a rock...so he was happy. :)

Thursday, June 2

Ok... so 29 degrees canadian is hot... it's not that it's killer hot in the sun (well, it is hot but still) No... the problem is that government office towers react slowly to temperature changes so it's flipping hot in here... Oh, and then there's the car... gah... My shirt will be soaking by the time I finish my drive home... (No A/C in my little honda... *sigh*).
That being said... it's a gorgeous day (yes, and I'm stuck in cube land...).

A thought;
A loving, long term relationship... is not a friendship.
Even a "best friend" friendship... falls short of representing what a couple has or has to deal with.
A partnership... a marriage... whatever... is a great deal more.
It has to endure so much more than any - even the most dramatic - friendship.
Not to take away from the value of a friendship...
But there are good times and bad in a marriage and you cannot evaluate the experiences in the same way you would with a simple friendship.
She beams: "He's my best friend."
Um... yeah.... NO he isn't... he's your husband.
When you get angry with your best friend... you don't climb in bed with him or her afterwards.
How many "best friends" have you had in your life? Think it's possible you will ever have a new one?
You can get pissed at a best friend and kick'em to the curb.
But a partner... is just not the same.
It's not that you are supposed to never argue...
It's not as if you will forever feel the twirl of an unending dance through the periwinkle.
but it's a partnership and you have to learn to forgive and draw forth new perspective from the challenges you face.
Loving blindly and like you can't breath without it ... is wonderful.
Just remember that you have to take the bad with the good... and love just the same.

~ a little white chocolate almond bark on my shirt... but I can wipe that off... :)
~ green ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ white t and a maroon dress shirt and blue silk tie...
~ elevendy meetings the moment I walk through the door this morning.
~ big presentation to the client boss at 11:00 with my boss-man in tow... it's all good there yo!! :)
~ working on a graphic for client boss... and a rewrite of the "deliverables" document that was presented today.
~ 50 more billable days on this gig...
~ geo soccer game tonight...
~ castle work tonight... gonna work on the "keep". :)
~ to send some good vibes to Bath... ! waves at chicaboo25
~ that yabadaba-girl...er...baybabayba covers her mouth when she burps...
~ to remind costello1177 that she is wonderful and beautiful... just the way she is.... :)

// So Dude shows up with four hours of recorded conversations ... that he secretly gathered from unsuspecting callers.
He alleges all kinds of miss-deads and illegal actions. but will only provide a few select minutes from the tapes for public scrutiny.
and dude is an elected member of parliament... a ranking member of the official opposition.
Just say'en... right or wrong... it doesn't matter. Not to me at least.
Entrapment is only good if it includes Catherine Zeta-Jones in skin tight leggings with her ass in the air. Period.

If someone say's "I want to ensure you retain plausible deniability" ... does that by definition mean that he or she is talking smack?
Because I interpret it this way...
"If you want to go down this path... then make sure that no one can interpret your decisions as failings. You should never stray from a path that can easily be defended because from a morality stand point... it often does not matter if you were right or wrong... the damage is done if you have to explain and explain and explain. So maintain plausible deniability at all times."

Just say'en ... that Graywall dude... is a horses ass.
(you have to follow canadian politics for this to make any sense what-so-ever. :D)

// For the record... I love, hate, lust for, am disgusted by, worship, and despise Americans... because it all depends on the individual. It's getting really very seriously boring to hear how much I hate americans after I rant about some weird ass shit that goes down in the land of the free and the home of the brave. And, by the way, I love, hate, lust for...etc. etc. Canadians too... I mean... people are just people and their nationality is just a question of where a woman is when her water breaks.

K ... gotta go. :)
Anyone tell you they love you lately?
No? Damn...
Love is easy... people need to realize that.
I love you... I love everything about you!
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