June 1st, 2005


Wednesday, June 1

HEY ... IT'S JUNE FIRST... dig that.!!! :D
man... Am I an attractive biotch or what? bwaahahaha...

Yeah... so a potentially perfect day... with another threatened T-Storm in the mix... (please please wait till after soccer!!!).

I managed top get up in great time today and sort things out like a star... Wednesdays are w-w-w-w-way busy mornings in our house... and dude, packing the kids lunches the night before remains the best hedge against frustration there is!!

Oh... and ON WENT THE RADIO at 8:00 am to Hot89.9 so I could listen to the Lynn and Alex wedding as I got things sorted with the boys. Of course... the flamers were late for their own wedding... so I ended up listening to them cry on the radio as I drove to work. hahaha... It was really quite something you know... a publicly broadcast and televised same sex marriage that garnered VAST AND POPULAR support from the city. It sends a bit of a message to the politicians that are trying to use the same-sex-marriage issue as a platform for conservatism. Yo, Steven... take a memo... shut-up-about-the-man-woman-marriage-thing... you dip!

~ black stripee ftls.
~ dk green dockers
~ white t, white dress shirt and a green & purple tie....
~ I have a "deliverable" due tomorrow... and I had to have a fairly final draft ready for Boss Man and Co-worker dude...
~ that kept me way busy all morning...
~ a half dozen interviews this afternoon with various people here...
~ and Geo soccer practice tonight... (which will be fun!!! :D)
~ no plans for the late night thing... but a better nights sleep is really needed!!
~ I had a coke right now... (I wont drink a soft drink at work... the sugar downer kills me, and I don't much like diet drinks).
~ I could afford a "lifetime Lj membership" but that... as they say... is a pipe dream.
~ to send a wee bit of a wink and a nod out to debby. We have soooo much history you and I... despite our significant differences... I sure do like you sugar. :)
~ that Sarah "Legs" Connor... ends up on a calendar soon... :) er... that's kitiara... in case there was any confusion.
~ for a long time friend (crushdmb) to find a great way to beat the heat!!!
~ to send some good vibes out to a treasure... to sin_da_rella

Sugar-cack...... I've lost track of your journal name... who are you now?

I read a really great paper today... something written by an lj friend (njtech). He posted it in my journal... [ :: here :: ] (that link is to "part one" - you'll have to click into the whole list of comments to see parts 2 and 3). It's a well thought out paper written on issues related to the US entanglements in Iraq. Go read it.
Of course, if you do click to read the parts... you will not be able to help but see the ongoing blathering of mrmateo who seems hell bent to call me every name in the book and tries daily to get my goat. Let me just say... "Dude... you're ugly and your mother dresses you funny." I swear ... some people have soooo little class.

Deepthroat... wasn't that a porno? I mean... seriously guys... You have got to slap that guy on the back and congratulate him for letting his conscience guide him. He was part of the problem but ... not that problem. So power to him for sicking Woodward on Nixon.

Here's the problem.... It's ok for a president to bomb the living fuck out of southeast asia because he wants to play god and drafts thousands and thousands of US citizens so they can go and get themselves killed in one of the most horrible wars of all time... But the country impeaches him (or threatens to) for letting his boys break into the competitions political offices to fuck around with the election process...

Oh wait... this is the same country that tries to impeach a Prez that finds the time to make the O face standing over some slutty intern... but goes on to re-elect another war monger that wants to preemptively blow potential bad guys back to the stone age... despite the cost in american lives.

Seriously people... would you maybe think about impeaching Bush for lying his ass off to you. ??? Maybe???

K... time for the second half of this work day. :D
see ya. :D
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k... just looking at that picture... fricking scares me and makes me laugh.
You are truly in the presence of a weirdo.
I mean... if I was going to post a fake bio in an on-line dating service...
I'd use that picture.
Note: if you're reading this after Wednesday, June 8, this will make no sense,
unless I ugly up for next wednesday too.

wee edit for confusion's sake. :)