May 31st, 2005


Tuesday, May 31

~ yeah... so I started today with a serious cranial throb baby... wake up... lurch to cupboard... pop two extra strength advil and crawl back into bed for fifteen minutes... sigh.

Sad but true... hot 89.9 hasn't called me back with an invite to Alex and Lynns wedding tomorrow... (Amazing Race). Uchen and Joyce, Gretch and Meri and even Phil are supposed to be there!!! I've been sending them (radio station) emails asking for an invite... :(*

K... and the wedding is at 8:00 am tomorrow... so ... I'm not sad!!! hahaha... I can't really get anywhere at for that hour without a seriously big pay off... :D

The weather nerds are calling for T-Storms today... but they're coming on the heels of 24 degree temps... (that's HOT in Canadian).

~ black ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ white t and red dress shirt... and the new tie...
~ bang zooooom to work... and take the fricking stairs.. hahaha... ok, no... 9 floors... call me lazy... but I braved the 'vator again. :)
~ 9:00 am and 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm meetings... and a few days work to do between them... sigh... At least the 2:00 deal is with my boss back at the farm.
~ eating Chili for lunch!!!! (ahhh... actually it's really nice. My mom made a batch of chii and we mixed half of mine into it... Yummi! with sour cream, cheddar cheese and nocho chips!! :D
~ family stuff tonight... talking and planning...
~ that kaylee gives in and ensures that there'll be lots of "forget me not"'ing ... :)
~ to send some really big wishes and kisses out to raylenetaskoski... aka sugar-ray... Many wishes Ray... I hope this plays out somehow with a positive ending.
~ that nbbmom gets this house!!!! man do you ever deserve a break!! :)
~ that somewhere out there... catherine is doing well with her twin little egglets... :)
~ and most of all... that I had a chance to read my friends pages... :(

// So the radio was blathering on with advertisements between songs this morning... and on comes this McDonalds advertisement that essentially builds up to the punch line "I had to call in sick today... call in sick-of-my-wardrobe". All I can think of at that point is... I mean... just what impact do you think eating at McDeaths is going to have on your wardrobe... Other than the carton of milk you can buy or the small orange juice containers they have... everything there is bad for you... (not to say I don't like it... ) but ... I mean seriously.. Why is McDonalds daring to bring up a persons wardrobe in the same breath as their plug to "come get closer to fat and dead at McDonalds"????

// Hey... big excitement in Iraq... a couple of suicide bombers walk into a crown of some 30 or so Iraqi police officers and blow'ed themselves up. Fun eh... nineteen more american troops on the "return to sender... in a box" list.

Hear me on this... War Is A Choice.
The responsibility for that choice is born by the leadership of a nation,
but the choice is made by every single citizen.
Clearly the entire country pays for that choice...
In fact... you pay and pay and pay... in taxes, lives, posture, trade, foreign relations and the costs of a globalized economy....
I realize that less than half of the voters wanted Bush and that the Electoral Collage system really messes with the process and y'all ended up with The Good Humor Guy On Crack for a president... but the fact remains that all of America is at war. Ground Zero... the place where you can buy Twin Tower cookies from the quick-buck crew... has become the focus of strange arguments about architecture and political infighting and posturing. The galvanized public ... the "American Resolve" that was spawned by the terrible deeds of a bunch of Saudi zealots and moved the US Administration to bomb Iraq into the stone age is now somewhat diminished. Sadly it is not redirected into political protest and demands for the safe return of the american youth that is getting blown apart in a distant desert.
I know ... i know... we all want the oil.
Just wait till they ask us to pay for it with clean water.
The dead sea... water level dropped by 3 feet last year.
tick tick tick...
Gosh... you would almost despair over the terrible prospects.
However... before "despair" there is "mildly bummed" and good americans are well trained to go buy something when they're "mildly bummed".
And when you spend... you are reminded that "In God We Trust".
So... bottom line: no worries... God will take care of everything... right?


work work work...
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Lawn Cut #2.
I figure I'll have to watch every step... hold the cord (electric lawn mower) and supervise uber close... for a 3rd cut... then I'll let Captain Of Industry (George) do it on his own. :D
~ the begining of the wonderyears with kids that can take a bit of the load. :D