May 24th, 2005


Tuesday, May 24

Ahhhhh... holy frustrating morning! We woke up to the news yelling at us about a vast and total school closure tomorrow because the teachers are going out to support the "support staff" that are going on strike. Great! What a fucking pain in the ass.

Note: my firm position is that Teachers in the public school system (which apparently means diff things in different places... I mean the school system paid for by collected taxes) should be designated as essential-services and not be allowed to go on strike... period.!!!!!!!!! Of course, I also think they should be paid twice what they make now... so whatever. Bottom line: teachers on strike pisses me off and screws with everything!

Anyways... from that we figured Suz will have to stay home tomorrow so she had to go to work today... which kinda messes with our morning-routines. This left me a bit frazzled by the time I got on the road. (checks road rage at the door).

~ green ftls... (green day!)
~ new green (ok, not vibrant freaking green here... just a deep green sorta thing) dockers
~ they were hemmed... despite my best efforts to show where ... they are now floods. (gah!)
~ new green/blue/beige dress shirt and a very old... very nice tie
(noting... yes indeed... green day)
~ to ignore mr mateo
~ mad work schedule... ahhhhh
~ eating some hot n'spicy general tso's chicken at lunch... hmmmmmm...
~ no idea what's for dinner but GROCERIES are required.
~ tonight... actually finish the garbage video (wohoo) and make chilli in the crock pot (chilli recipies? Hmmm... ?)
~ I had made the chilli yesterday...
~ that stephaniekaye manages to avoid treading on all the close toes. Here's to a new house married-girl. :D
~ for better health to wrap around c
~ that hilts is careful to not trip over the tent poll...
~ and that abbeyrd didn't catch a cold last night... :D

// US facing shortages in six digits by 2020... Canada turning out way too few... (let alone the 200 that the US pulls in from us annually), most are so overworked today that if they all worked a normal day the shortages would tripple and – the cymbal crash moment – most of the existing are only a few years shy of retirement.
Do you have any idea how seriously fucked we are all going to be when the Doctor shortage really kicks in? Canada... The US... same problem... different areas...

Ps. Youre better off going to India (google Apollo Hospitals) for hip replacement surg... among others..

Worker bee time. (my lunch hour includes a few short minutes to check you out and punch this in... :D)
See ya.