May 23rd, 2005


Monday, May 23

grrr!!! Rain ... more rain. A long weekend and the weather has sucked ... mostly.
We finally packed in the second hour of Alias from the other night... and - shocker - it wasn't the season finale? That's coming up this week??? So LOST and ALIAS both have seasons enders this week... groovy beans. :D
Ok... so as soon as I can escape the office (home office) I'm back to painting... two windows left... (one is huge... but whatever...).

~ gray ftls
~ ripped jeans...
~ very old sweat shirt...
~ and a mug of coffee... fused to my left hand.
~ more painting the second I finish this... I'm almost done... the master bedroom and bathroom are all that's left...
~ to enjoy a monday holiday... no real plans... except to stay out of the rain... (bummer 'bout the rain though)
~ to send some hope out to my friend kimmellee... it's all normal... it's all gonna work out... Just chalk it up to monday!...
~ that, soon, miss I mean angryvixen... will learn to tell time. (pssst. big hand... minutes...) :D
~ that in seven days... psychomagnet is wary wary careful... :)


IRAQ... et al.
Will we look back, fifty years from today, and see that the ridiculous steps being taken today in the middle east, painful though they were, turned out to be the beginning of changes that would otherwise never had had a chance? Or will another truth emerge? Will it become obvious, in the passage of time, that the lofty goals of american hegemony were nothing more that an early redeployment of human resources and power to better hold the non-renewable resources (*oil) as China rises to greet the sun?
Time will tell us many things.
And in the end... will any of it make any difference?
I don't think so.

Research is the answer. Not war.

Fools and their power... not long together before death comes to town.

Time to paint. :)