May 18th, 2005


Wednesday, May 18

A gesture of mixed emotions... smiling ... yet offering up advice to those that piss me off. I believe it's an effective means of communicating. J

No seriously though... it's c-c-c-c-c-cold out ... I woke up all a shiver and when I went to wake and dress Edward... he (as he always seems to do) had thrown off his covers... and all his exposed skin was soooo cold. I just had to climb on his bed, pull the covers up and snuggle him for a while. Of course, he hates this (hahahahaha) so that ends as soon as he wakes up... which is good... because the alternative is me falling back to sleep. Seeing as I am the only person in our house that hears alarm clocks ... no matter how loud they are... my being awake on a school day... is essential.

Suz still has a nagging cough but she's good to go... so she's back to work today. Both boys were off to school and I managed to get here on time!! New commute is about 30 minutes in heavy traffic... old commute was 60 in heavy traffic... so imagine my delight!! J

~ blue ftls
~ dk blue dockers... yes yes... I know...
~ new redish shirt... new gray, red and blue tie... (m-t... tie... sigh)
~ and a smile... from here to there...
~ on having a great day... I'm feeling that 'on top of the world' thing today... not sure why but I'm not complaining!!
~ new LOST and new Alias tonight!! (cool beans)
~ I managed to get some video edits in last night... and made the best transition yet!! (damned thing is up to like 5 minutes now... yikes!!) ... sooooo I want to do more tonight. (It's prol'y driving suz nuts but I'm sooo seriously having fun with this)
~ that Edward and George have soccer on different nights this summer... because I'm booked as a volunteer coaches assistant on both teams... J
~ that I could read up on your world...but that will have to take a back seat today.
~ busy busy busy...
~ wait... one wish... for guixian to find reasons to hold her shoulders back and her head high. You're precious sugar.

// (sorry, this next bit is a bit long...)
So... Belinda Belinda Belinda... say it three times... just for fun.

Here's the deal. Belinda is the daughter of the chair of one of Canada's biggest companies. She's the prez... it's a big money thing. She joined the Conservative Party a while ago to run for the leadership of that party and lost to Steven Harper. So she represents a Toronto area riding and does her "look dad... I'm a politician" thing.

Now she voiced opinions that tended towards support for certain key social issues, like same sex marriage, and other empowerment issues... directly in conflict with Steve-O. Then, after listening to Steve-O tell the country that he wont take us to a forced-election if "the people of Canada" say they don't want one, she watches as he absolutely guarantees to send us to an election (a very costly election... minimum price tag $300 million) despite what all the opinion polls were saying. If the government has a "confidence vote" the Conservatives... in an alliance with the Block Quebecois party (the party officially dedicated to breaking up the country – fuckers) will have enough votes to force an election. Such an election will, among many other things, dump the Atlantic Accord (oil and gas revenue sharing deal) and force that into renegotiation... (although the Conservatives say "we will honour all deals"... to which I say... "yeah, right... and Shelia Copps will dump the GST... Blow me." The election will – in my personal opinion – result in another minority government... because Canadians are more currently interested in middle ground politics than wild swings to the left or the right... possibly because the world is one seriously messed up place of late.

So after a little back room wheeling and dealing Belinda decides to change teams... No, that doesn't mean she's abandoned the penis in favour of the lovely orchids... No, she got out of her Conservative Seat in parliament and walked to a warm chair in the Liberal benches. She was given an instant portfolio and it's party time.

So... with Belinda crossing the floor... it changes the dynamic of votes for the proposed "forced election". It (the election) will still come about... (again, personal opinion) but who knows.

Now here's the big deal... You cannot imagine how the media and how individuals (public and private figures) are reacting!!! I'm talking pure and simple... sexism and sexism at it's worst. Men have crossed the floor in parliament for dumb and cool reasons. When they do, there is criticism and praise. But when a woman does it... the criticism becomes... "whore" "dip stick" "dumb blonde" and the questions posed by journalists are all about how she treated her boyfriend (who is in the Conservative Party executive).

You know.... Politicians and the executives of large corporations... are real people. They face the same world we do, except they have a lot (A LOT) less privacy. Their decisions impact on workers and citizens... and they have to "face the music" far more often than your average joe ever will. So calling Belinda a bunch of names and disregarding her stated reasons for changing sides... I think is short sighted and ignores the reality that people in the spot light have more at stake.

For the record, she stated that she cannot abide by the notion that her party and it's leader have formed an alliance with the Block Quebecois, and that she does not feel an election is appropriate now, and that federalism is important to her image of the country and forcing an election (as everyone knows) will put the separatist movement back in the limelight in Quebec. Bottom line??? A bunch of reasons that I can totally get behind.

I ripped up my Conservative Party Id card when Steven Harper came out so sickeningly against same-sex-marriage. Mostly because I feel how a country and it's government handles that issue speaks volumes about them in a much larger sense. I was excited to see Belinda join the Conservative Race for leadership because, despite any shortcomings she may have... her participation increased the visibility of the process. More Canadians became interested in the outcome. A blonde, wealthy, young woman... in politics? Cool.

Well... now she's gone and done something she feels reflects her moral obligations as a politician. She's looking out for her career, sticking it to the Block Quebecois, possibly saving tax-payers a fortune and defending a popular opinion among the voters. For this she is being called a whore and a bitch and every other name in the book. Not cool.

// I gotta get busy... :D
see ya.