May 12th, 2005


Amazing Race 7 Update

Amazing Race 7 Update!!

Sings: Aint Too Proud To Beg...

It's all about... a wee trip to the islands, mon... or as Ron says "Ahhhh the smell of a third world country." They're flying around, dancing through the night, sleep'en on the beach, building rafts, chopping onions and hitting balls... It's the end game and definitely not the time to get lost! Cue the cab ride!

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Thursday, May 12

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OH sure... so the wind blows through and poof. The warm temps from yesterday are replaced by a -1 wake up call this morning. brrrr... tad bit nipply...
"screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"... the sound of my nipple slashing across glass....

Z is definitely on the mend!! I left her a-bed once again and zoomed through the morning zone... It's pizza day so the kids only needed a wee snack packed. (Oh, how I love thursdays).
The school presents Grease tonight... mostly a gang of grade 5 and 6ers that have been practicing and practicing for months... with a handful of grade fours (including my little ham-bone George).
So we're off to the local highschool at 7:00 to watch... very exciting. The video camera is plugged in and charging... :D

~ black ftls
~ dk blue dockers... man, I need some other pants that frick'en fit...
~ gray t and a tommy dress shirt ... and no flippen tie. :)
~ ohmygod... ahhhh... ok twenty million things to do today...
~ and go to lunch with my best friend... who just won the mother of all promotions... I'll try and hide the green pallor of my flesh...
~ Survivor tonight and more video edits... and while I may sound like I'm working forever on that... I'm really only getting small snippets of time to work on it... :D
~ but the BIG NEWS... is that I'm going to see Georges school production of Grease tonight... George is a scorpion... he's one of only a few grade fours in the play... :D :D :D :D :D
~ that the school play goes well ... (visions of sets falling over and kids laughing and running around are in my head.)
~ that finn_lily gets her little kittie... ohmygosh those are cute kittens...
~ to send big congratulations out to cockermom on the birth of her wee son on the 12... other side of the planet... so that was yesterday... :D

[ :: Arlo Guthrie : City of New Orleans :: ] You know you'll sing along... :)

// You know... my crystal ball has been swirling of late... and it's just come clear.
Steve-O-Harper... the Syndrome of the Conservative Party of Canada... is going to force an election next week (on the 19th) with his traitor of a buddy... Block Head Leader Gilles... and then he's gonna have the shit kicked out of him in the election. The block will be the only real winners in that election and the conservatives will get burned by their own hubris!
Considering that the NDP Leaders (Jack Layton) stock is constantly rising among polled canadians... I return with gusto to my serious recommendation that Paul Martin get Layton to climb in bed with him and make the Liberal Democratic Party of Canada. That - in my opinion - is the only way the country will form a true destiny for the 21st century. Failing that... we will screw around with wild swings left and right that accomplish nothing but spiraling debt. Bastards.

// gotta jet....
have I mentioned I'm insanely busy lately? ahhhhhhhhh