May 10th, 2005


Tuesday, May 10.

Racial Profiling? Dude... I'm white... and here's my profile? What's the problem?
[ :: or the flippy profile... :: ]

Another day of glory on the weather front... (and then I typed
up a dig at California - land of perma summer - but erased it...
because I like too many Californians).

Z has hard core cough meds that... sadly... don't seem to
make sleep come any faster. She had another tough night...
so the morning was all daddy. :)
Look... if you want to just pop a smile into your world and
maybe kill a few minutes feeling wonderful...
go and [ :: look at these pictures :: ]
(my friend dinkydooDee-dee pointed me to this... thank you!!)
If you don't find that killa cute... you need to check to see if you're human. :)

To follow cute with a little 'tude...
Let me echo a sentiment that is crawling across my friend pages...
If you are on someone friends list... then you... YOU are on the list...
You're spouse is not. "Oh but we have no secrets." may seem like
a nice thing to say ... but it's for shit when your screwing with
someone elses secrets. Maybe that's good for you... but it prol'y
doesn't do much for the people who have decided to share their
personal stuff with you. If you can't handle that... maybe you're
playing in the wrong park. Just say'en...

~ black ftls
~ blue dockers... and I tried on the beige dockers that are like fricking new... and they do not even come close to fitting... no idea how that happened... Kit Kat anyone?
~ a t and my maroon dress shirt and tie deal.... yes I know... it gets monotonous to me too.
~ big bid review meeting that I don't have to go to happens today. I like meetings that I don't have to go to. They should have meetings like that more often. :)
~ on talking about a long-ish term gig I will most likely be starting in a couple of weeks... client site... groovy process work...
~ tonight? Well Amazing Race winds up tonight.
~ and more video editing... sweet geezus... it's like a kind of therapy to work on video stuff... we're up to three minutes... 18 megs at the smallest wmv format or several million gig as a watchable quicktime... WTF??? Why do all my quick time out put files look like they should have their own gravity? Is there some special codec I need to use for better compression of quick time?
~ on pointing out that issue elsewhere because I swear nobody reads this part... hahaha... :D
~ to express my gratitude to pro_jenny for electing to not change... changing journal names... just confuses the hell out of me... :)
~ and at the risk of possible making an example out of myself and my inability to keep track of things... what happened to indigobluejelly? did she change journal names and I'm just not on the ball? I miss carrie. :)
~ that harleydog keeps the car salesman down and well behaved.
~ to point out that I truly love the fruity bits at the bottom of a fruit-bottom yogurt... I mean... I'll stirr it up and yum but ... the first few bites are all about the "dig down and mine that yummi stuff". :)
~ and to send a few good vibes out to devilshalo13 as she endeavors to drop a hundred and fifty pounds ... give or take... :)

[ :: Four Non-Blondes : What's up? :: ]

// have you seen Condo Rice lately? Did you see her in her uber Matrix
Wannabe fashionista coat talking to american troops over seas...
I notice the booties... the coat... the hair and I think... wow... how much
fun is this crazy woman... and then she speaks. I remember being soundly
lambasted for criticising her... but I gotta say ... fuck that noise. All she
needs is a little cutsie collar and a tail and the picture of her being Bush's
lap dog will be complete. You go girl!!! Bring that democracy ... bring it!

// It's fricking D day in Canada. Believe me ... it's easy to miss crazy
history making moments in Canadian politics
... because... well, it's
Canadian Politics for goodness sake... However, the fact remains that
this is a big day. The opposition parties attached a confidence question
to an obscure bill before parliament... a bill that directs the activities of
a committee... (and not a confidence bill like, say, a Budget) and they
have the permiss of the Speaker to vote on this. Soooooo... the self
styled rebel alliance figures they have the plans to the death star now.
They will vote - and despite all the rhetoric about only taking the country
to an election if the population said thats what they wanted - (We don't)
Obi Wan Harper and his little Padowin Learner, Block Windau, expect to
pass their vote. The thing is... in all of recorded history.. this kind of a
non-confidence vote has never happened... so there is no guiding precedence
to end the story. The government ... (who I'm just dying to call Palpatine...
but I really am starting to like Captain Evil - Mr. Martin) is absolutely correct
when they say "Vote? what vote? who cares... this is not a confidence bill
so your vote doesn't actually count." It will end up in the hands of the Governor
General ... a useless lump of an expense to the country if there ever was
one - and she'll have to make the call. It can go either way... She could say
"you guys are the unhappy losers... and minority or not... they are the
government. Shut up and go back to work and let me know if you ever get
a confidence vote." or she could say "Well... it's clear to me that the
government is no longer functioning... so we have to go to an election."
Either way... the events of this week will become fodder for Political Science
text books for the next century.

// have I mentioned how sick I am of french lately? I'm sorry if it's offensive
to you... but I swear ... It's like nails on a black board. Every big ass event
in this country is done in this half english half french thing... so unless you
are a member of the minority that actually speak both languages... you are
looking around like a tit mouse for half of the show.

Time for work. :D see ya.

me? co dependant? wait... let me ask my partner...

::::::::::::::::::::[ end of day me ]:::::::::::::::

K... I love the headset... I can practically whisper on the phone and be heard!! (and ignore the coat hanger making me look like an unwanted child...)

It's time to go and sort out family stuff...

AND REMEMBER !!!!! The Amazing Race Finale is on tonight... set your VCR's,TIVO or whatever...
and for goodness sake... don't pop onto your journal and say "wow did you see so-and-so win the race" ten seconds after the show ends... mmmk?
Put it under a cut tag... if you absolutely have to say something about the show ...
That means you put the following text in your journal post...

<lj-cut text="this is a cut tag">

Then say all you want after that tag... mK????


quick thoughts....

~ the vatican recently tried a cardinal for something called "polluting the airwaves" on the Vatican City Radio station.
They found him guilty... sentenced him to 10 full days of prison... and (quote) "immediately suspended the sentence".
Ok... ignoring how ridiculous the "polluting the airwaves" concept is... this sounds pretty par for the religious course
when it comes to Catholic Priests facing the music.

~ Dear Texas: please accept my heartfelt sympathy. What on earth are all those dirty old men masquerading as high school gym teachers going to do now that Sexy Cheerleading has been outlawed... hahahahahahahahahahaha... oh my god you guys... your state is run by crazy people... seriously.


K... time to drive and ... mmm... get a pizza. :)
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