May 9th, 2005


Monday, May 9

gah!!!! Look at how freaking little my head looks... it's like I've just returned from an unfortunate adventure with some Bornio headshrinkers...
Or... or that guy in the waiting room in Beetlejuice... remember him... yikes.

Holy sunshine batman. It's beautiful outside... Of course, the weather remains consistently drab and bleak with more on the horizon... here in my beige cube... and ... and if I look over my right shoulder... OR look in the little mirror I have on a box strategically placed on my desk... I can see one of the windows... it has that "looking through binoculars the wrong way" look to it... but even a distant window... is still a window. :)

~ green ftls
~ dk blue dockers...
~ white t... ribbed for your pleasure...
~ a button up b.u.m. short sleeve dress shirt...
~ well... a lot... but it's all jumbled around...
~ start with realizing Z hasn't slept much (coughing all night). Soo...
~ up with kiddies and get them dressed, fed, lunched, cleaned up and off to the bus.
~ take care of getting me ready... and wake up suzanne.
~ change geo's orthodontist appt from today to... (sadly) june...
~ make doc appointment for Suz... and then log in and work from home for a bit while she gets herself together.
~ off to the doc office with Suz... play with some ladies little 11 month old baby at the doc office while suzy does her see-the-doctor thing...
~ home again (with some prescribed cough syrup...) and get her back in bed and ZOOOOM off to work (reminding myself the whole way to remain calm!... no road rage here! :D)
~ so here I am... working on the bid mania thing...
~ tonight? I think I'll pick up fish for dinner and clean out the fridge... it's a nightmare...
~ I have "Spanglish" to watch... Alias from last week, Medium is new... and I really want to work on the last parts of the garbage video...
~ who me? buys?
~ my z gets better soon...
~ that I get to go to see "The Hitchhikers Guide" soon... I've been such a fan... for soooo long.
~ to send some good vibes out to hotblue... no matter where you end up... you can always start beating a path back to the right road...
~ to say... Marianne... where ever you have been... if you're not there now... then that's a place that misses you. smooch.
~ that my friend dishpan_nipples remembers... all that happened was you grew up enough to put more in a life than the idle pursuits of youth. Which does not at all diminish the potential enjoyment of those pursuits... it just puts in a priority list along with the other stuff you have so much less choice about. :)
~ that pixiecup enjoys saying "For Sell" as much as she wants...
~ and that princessblondie is enjoying every moment of her first trimester. The maternity underpants are yet to arrive... hahaha... oh you are so damned cute... I hope you're snapping regular pregnant belli pictures for your future enjoyment. :D

[ :: The Kings : Switching To Glide :: ]
~ awwwwwwwsome song! I remember trying to request it from 3WV when nbbmom was spinning the discs there... and she HAD NEVER HEARD OF IT... HA! It's canadian and it's old... so I guess I understand. :D Listen to it... it's a classic. :D

// A lot of blah blah blah...
There was a time when I supposed the work I did was actually important.
I worked for the government and you could spin it that the income support
and redistribution systems in place for Canadians relied on the good work
me and my coworkers performed. But those days are long past. Now it's
an endless list of contracts and engagements to do small cog work in bigger
pictures that defy clear resolution. I'm not a teacher, a doctor or a fireman
or a cop or a lawyer or ... or ... or... any work that clearly folds in closely
with "improving the community or our society".
So I wondered about this for a few minutes while driving to work and
listening to the news of the world.
What is it I do?
Why do I do it and ... is it important?
More importantly... I wondered... is it important that it be important?
My conclusions; I work at a job... it's even a career, if you don't get
too picky about what that means... and while the work isn't earth moving...
and the work itself isn't especially fun... I still manage to enjoy my days.
Easy... I love my life.
I have the second most important responsibility in the world... happily acknowledging
that a mother holds the keys to car number one on this train.
Whatever I have to do in the daytime to make success at parenthood is worth it,
and "worthy work".
I am a husband, a father, and a son. It isn't important to me that my "work" be
important or earth shaping. What matters is that I am happy. Everything about
work, rest and play... improves when your posture is a happy place of honest comfort.
I can't guarantee that I'll do great all the time at the whole dad thing... but I know
in my heart that I will respect the importance of the job and try... always try...
to do my best.
So maybe my job really is important.
The issue is... what I see as "my job" I suppose...

// work work work...
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Today ... well, tonight... or, more retentively precise... this evening was the evening that Edward "Got It" about riding a two wheel bicycle.
We've tried to avoid making a big deal about it (he's 7) but the other wee kiddies on the street tooling around on two wheels has most likely contributed to his determination.

We went out after dinner for a little catch and goofing around... but mostly so George and I could try and convince Ed to give bike riding another shot. :)

Oh my gosh... he is so amazingly proud of himself... you can't help but smile seeing how happy he is with his success.

[ :: the short, small and cheesy video moment :: ]
(1.5 meg video... windows media video)

The vid is like attempt number 5 ... after five, successively longer, peddles up the street.
His symbol crash was making the turn and stopping. :)

No scrapes... no bumps... just lots of smiles.

(now we out and buy him a proper bike... :D)