May 8th, 2005


Sunday, May 8

Saturday... much like today... was a wash of sunshine and blue skies. :)
We went to swimming lessons and took a hike through some local woods.
(we watched a family of Deer... it was quite something...)
Then we shopped and cooked and played and ate and played and played
and then slept.

An almost perfect Saturday.
Save that my poor z has herself another bad ass cold.
We kept her in bed and pampered.
In fact...his cuteness, George, cleaned up the kitchen and family room (no slouch job either) and then told me...
"It's all clean, so you don't have to do it... you can just take care of mom."
(explodes with love for my kids...)

We were going to have a big family dinner out at this authentic chinese food place...
To celebrate mommies day and keep the mommies from cooking...
But there were too many colds and flus and issues so we will put it off....

Oh, and I'm up to 2 minutes on the video... hahaha... gah!

~ thai silk boxers my mom brought from their trip
~ pj pants...
~ hoodie.
~ to laz around the house till noon...
~ take care of my z for a bit...
~ take off with the boys to the opening of the new Canadian National War Museum...
~ visit my mom
~ oh actually... we might be going to moms for dinner... (must double check that...)
~ a very happy mothers day to all the moms and dads that are mostly moms...
that have been sharing their stories with me here. You have given me so much
to love about holding onto the delicate threads of our contact.
Thank you for sharing. :D

Dear Mom;
For all of my days
and with all of my heart
I will cherish and love you.
Thank you.

(sings) Nobody does it better
Makes me feel sad for the rest
Nobody does it half as good as you
Baby, you're the best

*thank you carly