May 1st, 2005


Sunday, May 1

Is May 1 called May day?

Well, yesterday was a zoooom day.
Up relatively early and things to do, places to go, stuff... all day.
Window guys came to replace the last of the "ahhh our 10 year warranty is about to run out and some of the windows have moisture between the panes" windows... (great deal... just pay the labour and get all new windows... - although now I gotta paint the insides...)
Kids had swimming lessons...
Had my neighbor over to help him pick out what to buy for his geek upgrade.
Brought niece's pc back and put the WEP* stuff in their linksys.
And dinner at my xSILs house with the family for nieces bday. :)

Me ... very very happy for my bro and his main squeeze as they finally got their own house.
No more renting for them!

Today has been all about the vacuum and the mop so far... but at least I'm still in goof-off mode.
Alas... the shower looms... so that'll change soon. :)

~ white t
~ pj pants
~ wet sox with two... count 'em two, holes in the left one.
~ next up? shower!
~ trip to wally-word to buy the outfit that Geo needs for "Grease" (they're doing a musical play at school... the video camera is screaming!)
~ must bbq something for dinner...
~ a little tv tonight...
~ to send a few winks and nudges out to alma_perdita... a very treasured wee bowl of sugar.
~ for a full fridge in your kitchen and a good screw in your nose... er... hi her_whispers... :D
~ and a serious karma blast of good vibes out to amyliscious... for all kinds of good reasons!

We have hummingbirds.
They are a gentle reminder that we are clumsy visitors in a world of wonder.
Feeder bottles... hang on special hooks, strategically placed in the yard.
... Perhaps the hummingbirds have us.

Practice smiling.
And not the sarcastic smirk of the jaded.
An infectious smile that almost carries a silent tune.
You'll not soon develop a more useful weapon to wage war against lifes' injustice and pain.


*WEP. Is this adequate security to configure on a linksys wireless router that talks to apples and pcs on the same home net?

Ok... all done!
See ya. :)

oh look ... a pear

I bought pants today.
A minor milestone slips away beneath the hull of the good ship corto.
It's official.
I am rounder than I am long.
I knew this day was coming.
The ratio has steadily worked it's way towards this point.
I was gonna buy two pair.
But you know...
... today might just be a fat day.