April 27th, 2005



K... so, like, I have this eye twitchy thing.
Not an "i'm sleepy twitch" but like an "ick, there's this thing..." twitch.
Well, not so much a twitch, as I have to close... not just a flutter'en blink... but a full on close, every few seconds.
The thing of it is...
Suz started this a day and a half ago...
George started yesterday...
and believe me... despite the fact that if feels like "ick, there's this thing ...", there is nothing there...
Then, every now and again you really gotta squish it closed...
... Ed's next.

bottom line?
... it's a drag.

Wednesday, April 27

Question: (svp!!) if you cannot see the picture above... you know... little red "x"... please leave a comment telling me so. I'm trying to sort out some possible firewall problems with address ranges being denied... and I need to know some addresses that are affected... please please please... :) Thanks.

Rain... lots of rain.
Cool night air drawing you into one of those "sleep of the dead" nights. I was totally stunned when I woke up... although I managed to not fall back to sleep and wake up at 8:30 screaming and freaking... so... you know that's a plus. :D

That little journey into road rules yesterday... the posts about billy-go-fast... I just wanted to say... you guys are awesome. :) That was a lot of fun. I mean, it was an issue oriented thing... not just fluff but it was still interesting to consider all the things people were saying. I love that there is so much diversity in my lj friends. You make this worth doing... just say'en.

YOU HAVE GOT to check this out... and you are soooo going to want to click the x after 10 seconds ... but don't. You must get a couple of minutes into it...
[ :: hard core bad ass Jewish rapper dude ... Matisyahu :: ]. My foreskin challenge buddy pointed this guy out... this video is old... the guy has since gained loads of notoriety... (shhhh... I don't have one either .. power to the german helmet baby).

~ black ftls
~ dressing on one of the Mole Bruthas
~ dk blue dockers
~ white t and z'maroon dress shirt and tie. (and... AND boss man is not even here today... I coulda wore pj's.)
~ #@#$@#$@# #$ (<-- stuff I can't say because ... well it's about work and that wouldn't be fair...)
~ to massage the back of my own neck a lot... I have a stiff neck... there was this cool air blowing gently in from the window over our bed... and while it made sleeping wonderful... it consumed my neck!
~ Lost is a big "recap" tonight... Alias may be new... but if not... I've plenty on the PVR (ps. I love never missing Jon Stewart! or the evening news... LOVE the PVR).
~ write about Amazing Race (which rocked ten kinds of sox last night).
~ geezus C-Note on a Stick! I hope the frick'en gods smile on my friend nbbmom today ... actually tomorrow and a certain little jazzy thing sorts out the details!! (fingers crossed baby!!)
~ to once again thank minarets... who has some kind of weird maso-name-phobia thing that means she changes her name every few freak'en weeks... but whatever... she'll always be my little musically inclined sugar-cack... Shakira in espanol... is magic... to my ears.
~ to send some sincere wishes out to dinkydo... it's just not fair sugar, not fair at all!
~ to wave at smalltowngirlie... welcome back... :)
~ that something gives with sin_da_rella and the day gets a little brighter...

yeah... so read this.
// I was raised in a very conservative house hold... my influences were dead bang against all things NDP and social credit .... etc. I was raised to be anti-liberal and pro-conservative. Then I went to University and studied Political Science. This was the big eye opener... but that was "eyes wide shut" with academia... The real world rolled over me and now? I'm just a very angry white guy living in a world gone mad with governments that throw money out the window like they have no connection with how hard it is to earn a hundred dollars and corporations that suck consumers into whatever game is profitable this year and get away with freaking murder as they dominate global economies.

So now I look around Canada and what do I see? I see the conservative party... once totally and soundly laid low by popular votes that desimated their standing in our government... now a party that grew from an alliance with a party called... The Alliance. So the new "Conservative Party of Canada" represents all kinds of hard ass right wing views that sound a lot like the party is having trouble finding the light switch in George Bush's ass. "Hey if it worked for George... lets try it here." CLUE TIME: Canadians are distinctly not Americans when it comes to their choices in politics. The country that tried - and obviously failed - to separate church and state (hello Christian Coalition influence) is to the south... we (read: ME ME ME ME ME) will fight tooth and nail against letting the politics of my country become the playground of any religious faction. So that's the Conservatives.

The Liberals... are wallowing in their own mire. You clearly do not wanna eat a Liberal on a Sunday. LIKE ALL POLITICAL PARTIES they have used their power to influence public opinion and used their influence to gain unfair advantages. Of course, being in power for ten years... just means you got more results. So they (the liberals) are facing the music. Desimated support in Quebec... the hot bed of anti-canada sentiment... the people who brought us the "vote to separate from canada" (go fuck yourselves... any time Francois... pack your bags and don't let the debt hit you too hard in the ass on the way out). Dwindling popularity across the rest of the country.

The NDP? The people that can bankrupt a province in two years? Yeah... From the West coat to the East... the NDP have had their days in power and really gone to town screwing things up. Sorry but obscurity is your middle name. The problem is... well, the problem is this;

They have the right idea... and nobody listens.

I will never be an NDPer... but when the Liberal minority government is facing a non confidence motion and searching for any port in a storm.. .they find the NDP and make a deal. (This is the big news in canada lately). The deal? The NDP wants the government to pony up some cash for environmental issues ... and maybe... just maybe find a way to actually meet the Keyoto goals (no I don't know how to spell that... don't care either). They want to lessen the debt load on students... they want to reach for some kind of national child care goals... Ok. So the Liberals bite and they are hoping for some kind of win when the non confidence thing goes down. If they don't get it... we have a spring election and blow 300 million dollars ... that will only result in another minority government. (huge waste!!).

So I'm thinking... what's so wrong with the concept of the Liberal Democratic Party of Canada. The NDP will never get more than a handful of federal seats. But... they could merge with a 'Devistated Liberal Party' to do a little phoenix thing.

Here's the bottom line: Anyone that reads about peak oil, the ridiculous fuck up that is our international trade arrangements, the wars for Oil, the unequal distribution of wealth and the bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek future we have made for our children and their children will quickly agree that they owe the children of this world a serious and heart felt apology for fucking things up so bad. You want to appologise? Support some governance that flies in the face of all that you supported en route to this giant screw up. Support something that will put the people back in the focus of the government paradigm.

I say ... somebody please form the "Liberal Democratic Party of Canada.".

Figuratively speaking:
You only need gates...
when the enemies are before them.
The rest of the time...
They're just decorations that mess up the view.

See ya later. :)
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