April 26th, 2005


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a night of passing out... all over the house.
now? just woke up to go to bed proper.
~ clearly I'm mere steps away from needing a walker. :)

ni ni

Tuesday, April 26

Darling Z had some kind of a head ache last night... and I got soooo much sleep last night... that I literally bounced out of bed this morning. :)
So my goal was to let her have a sleep in.
I did my shower, shave and dress thing quietly and then got the kids sorted out with clothes, breakfast and lunches.
Despite my best efforts... she woke up ... but that way she got say g'bye to the little rugrats... :D

It's a chill day but there's that morning sun thing going on that makes you think it will be a nice day... They're calling for rain but then again, the weatherman is an idiot... :)

My concert write up ... is still pending. :) Hopefully I can get there tonight. :)

~ black stripee ftls
~ big comfy cargos
~ black t... tommy two tone sweater
~ big silliness continues unabated by the passage of time... in fact, there's been an extension... so the rapt joy of this endeavor gets to go on ... even longer!!!
~ shoot myself... er... well, you know.
~ call my doc and see if she'll see me after work... fricking mole things... (die you little bastards...)
~ watch Amazing Race tonight...
~ to send some good mommy love out to myeah and her darling little twin babies
~ that my sweet lil'friend mspish manages to find a way to beat the morning rush...
~ for great insight and wisdom to carry the choices of dear lique... as a make believe tuscan sun paints new pictures of her future...
~ and that tomorrow brings a promise of something better than today for my friend allyn.... ying and yang baby.

// Ok... so everything I worried about a month ago... is coming into play in the land of Canadian politics.
The government... is no longer governing... They, and the other political parties... aka the Rat Bastards, are all fucking around with their faces on TV wearing what ever hat is appropriate to the campaign trail at that specific moment. Every passing day brings a greater and greater chance for a May election in this country. What a colossal waste of time and money.
The really big pain in the ass about all this... is the way it drives home the notion that our political system is just broken.
We get a "minority government" because the parties split the votes across the geographies of the country and then spend the next couple of years doing nothing but jockeying for position to shut things down. It doesn't seem to matter that there are important issues and bills before the house of the government, or that millions of canadians are waiting for decisions on health care, human rights, education and environmental issues. Nawwwwww... forget all that stuff... It's baskets of fun to just torment one another in the halls of government.
Of course, they focus on the inquiry that points out how the government... TEN YEARS AGO was involved in rampant corrupt practices... and they all have the balls to act like their shit don't stink. Show me a government in power and I'll show you an organization with some elements of corruption. Half of it is patronage and pork barreling... the other half is criminal... and every single party is as guilty as the idiots in power today.
~ watches tax dollars fritter away ...

// Meanwhile... american troops continue to get blown up in Iraq, with absolutely no end of the conflict in sight. "Hostilities are over!!" ... hahahaha... then ... "There will be a free election" ... hahahaha ... exactly what is it going to take for americans to realize they have become the twenty first centuries new hegemonic power... Colonialism with stars and stripes. Yeah... good luck with that fifty first state. My money says it's gonna cost you plenty. Actually... the really funny part is that there are still people out there who still don't believe the war was fought over OIL.

Ok... off to work. :D See ya.

Billy-go-fast Part One

So you're on the road, driving... at night.

You see the headlights coming.
Can't tell what kind of car...
It's billy-go-fast and he's zooooming up behind you.
Heck, he even flicked his head lights at you... presumably to tell you to move over.
Dude is right on your ass.

What do you do? No really... be honest.

(see part two coming up)