April 22nd, 2005


Friday, April 22

hahaha... ok ok... sorry... kinda possessed there for a second... [ :: a friday smile :: ]

So... go to bed checking geo's temp and he was still pretty hot...
but hotter still when we woke up. He had an appetite..
so that's a start. We ended up blowing off school for the boys...
and I'm working from home while Z heads off to work.

It looks nice out... but I suspect it's a bit chilly! :)
~ green ftls...
~ b.u.m. blue jeans... [ :: just out of the wash ... :: ]
~ and an old navy shirt...
~ to take care of the boys all day...
~ figure out how I can get some work done from the office...
~ write about survivor...
~ did I mention taking care of the boys?
~ my little geo does not get any sicker!! sigh...
~ there was a nice photographic record of thatthingido's tanning efforts... (hahaha)
~ to send some good thoughts to my very-long-time friend, talashandy...
~ and easilydistractd... careful up there... no tripping. :D

Dear finn_lily... please meet maggie
Sweet maggie... please meet finn_lily

// Our relationship with the planet is not a harmonious one. We do not embrace any real initiatives to maintain the delicate balances that exist in nature and we pay nothing but lip service to the distribution and care of our natural resources. Like it or not... this is true. It's like the planet is a rape victim... and we're the rapists... we stand over her and say "Ok, look, we both know what's gonna happen... so lets work out how we can get through it with a minimum of fuss." For every ounce of effort we put into protecting the planet... ten pounds of punishment are hammered into it by countries that just do not even pretend to give a shit. North Dakota is messing with the treaty that has protected Canadian / US water flow since 1909... and the US government... not really caring. Canada talks a big talk about Keyoto (SP?)... but basically doesn't do anything but argue in parliament. Some Eastern block countries are churning out pollution so fast... that it simply defies any possible chance or repairing the damage. Comedians joke about how silly it sounds to complain about a 1 degree increase in global temperatures... fostering ignorance of the dramatic impact that has on already delicate eco systems.
... and people drive their stupid fucking SUV's to work from the burbs in ever increasing numbers. I'm not talking about the tiny percentage of those drivers that actually use the capability of an SUV... I'm talking about the other 99.9% of SUV owners... who are pretending they have nothing to do with this rape... because they say it's the only way to get the family dog to the cottage they rent... for one week a year. But whatever... it's not really their fault. I've sat in and briefly drove a Ford Escape... gotta say WOW... fricking nice vehicle. I would sooner gouge out my eyes than purchase a vehicle like that... but it is cool. We are such lemmings... easily convinced that we need, for example, an SUV... blindly controlled by the trans national commercial interests that pretend to care about the planet while they hold her hands above her head and slam another thrust into home plate.

// Edward totally wants me to come downstairs and play yu-ghi-oh... or however you spell that... gotta go. :D
(I'll save talk about Canadian politics and last nights PM address on tv till later. :D)

Survivor X Update!!!

Survivor X : Palau

It's a Cage Match!

Wherein... we bear witness to the many faces of Janu; crazy, angry, broken, sick, successful, spirited, resigned and magnanimous to a fault. Of course, Jedi Master Jeff gets in on the action by stepping wwwwwwway outside the lines and uses his Jedi powers to influence the outcome of tribal council. [kermit time] Strangely impressed, Yoda is.

And I'm just say'en... hands down, this run has been the most fun with Survivor in ages!

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conversation from earlier today...

c: "guys... if Dr. Phill is on, I want you to change the channel!"
g: "huh? why!?"
c: "parts of your brain will melt if you watch too long..."
e&g: (screams) "ahhhhhh... ok. " click click...
g: "daaaad... really?"
c: "absolutely. You don't want to test this..."
g: "fine..."


~ Nice day... geo seems a lot better. His temp has been stable so it looks like I'll be taking him to his swimming lesson... they (the swimming lessons) start up again tomorrow.

~ We went to visit my brothers new house... he and his main squeeze finally stopped being renters... and there was much rejoicing. :D

~ My units are getting better slowly... but my goodness... I mean slow! It's been three days for my mom to start on the way back from this and my dad seems to be on the other side. Very very nasty flu.

~ If you are feeling remarkably philanthropic* or are just stupid wealthy... I would please like [ :: one of these :: ] . I'll be happy to give out shipping instructions... :D

~ sigh... :D

~ time to play there.com for a bit... :D what ever shall I do in anticipation of that... hmmmmm

* k... spelled that right first time... I deserve a gold star!