April 21st, 2005


Thursday, April 21.

Yeah... so I snapped a morning pic at home as usual... made some goofy faces... then caved in and just smiled... then I got here... loaded it up and thought to my self... "self... that is one seriously horrible picture..." so I snapped an at-the-office-shot. :) clearly I need psychological help... :D hahahaha... (stop that!)

It's frigg'en cold out!! sunny like all get out but c-c-c-cold never the less! So sunglasses and zipped up jacket is the order of the day! It's a thursday, which is Pizza day at the kids school... translation: my favourite day of the week!!!! wohoo... no lunches to make. :)

~ black ftls
~ blue dockers (again... almost everything in my closet fits around my waist like the inseam on a pair of agulara's jeans... not comfortable on ma belli! ... so yeah, I need new clothes... and I need to stop getting rounder)
~ white t...
~ dk blue turtleneck... thank god its cold out... so I can hide the recently zzzzzaped bits of flesh on my neck!
~ sorting out the grid scores for dozens of candidate resumes... sigh... I used to be a geek... now I'm a HR slave...
~ SSSSCREAMING at my television while the networks give the opposition parties equal fucking time... therefore interrupting Survivor.
~ try to fix my nieces computer... see note below...
~ that circlek snaps some amazatron pictures of the adora-monkey angryvixen as her tummy does the "check me out... there's life in here" thing .... :) Honestly... they're going to be glorious pictures ... I just know it. :)
~ to send some random kinda love'en vibes out to lil_sass... just 'cuz...
~ for solomons patience to wrap up and hold dear cynica... :D
~ and that the little miss tess... er... geekgrrrl is "found" by the right photographer soon... all this time being wasted when the sound of a shutter could be filling the air... sigh...

// Mr. Prime Minister... Dudes name is Paul Martin (for you 'mericans)... he's the head of the fed liberal party and big boss man with a minority government. "Minority government" means that the political parties that form the opposition and third banana could vote together to "vote down" a government bill before the house. Not so bad so far... but if the bill is a specific sort... which ultimately translates into "important" (like the budget) voting it down has the concurrent affect of TOSSING THE GOVERNMENT. It's called a "vote of non-confidence".

So anyways, the Big Kahoona calls an inquiry (read: a judge give'en total power to call anyone to the stand in an effort to get to the truth) into a big honking scandel that happened during the tenure of the previous government... also a liberal party government... but with the previous leader of the party and his cabinate. This inquiry is uncovering a lot of shit that basically says "Yo... some of those politicians are crooks... and a bunch of slime ball business men in Quebec totally abused the government and made milllllllllllllllllllllions and millions of my tax dollars as gross profit... and I mean "gross" as in "sickening". The inquiry is way way not over yet. There are truths to prove, lies to uncover and people to get under the lamp.

However... the opposition parties are having a field day with some controversial findings of the inquiry and they are screaming to force an election ASAP because of it.... BEFORE THE INQUIRY FINISHES. I fucking cannot stand that this is happening. It's such a collosal waste of public funds... and worse still... the results of the election will be no different than what we have today... except the freak show that used to be a reasonable party representing moderate conservatism will get more power... fuckers. Oh, and they (the conservatives) are the ones that wanted to go to war with George... and they want to redefine marriage as ONLY one man and one woman. That issue remains a huge hot button for me... mostly because of what it says about a society and a government that makes laws that are so clearly bigoted, unfair, exclusionary and misguided.

The thing of it all is this ... Ass wipe Prime Minister... needs to step up and shout down these fuckers and tell them to wait for the inquiry to finish or pepper spray the bunch of them. So dude books prime time tv (7:45) to go on national television to talk to the inquiry issue. So far so good. Now the smack monkeys in the opposition parties are DEMANDING equal time to blah blah blah at us on national tv. That means the whole deal will take a shit load longer than 15 minutes... which will interrupt Survivor. I'm just say'ing... more Canadians watch survivor than voted for the fucking conservatives in the last election.

// Time magazine is really slipping. I go into the doctors office yesterday... look at the magazine stack... and there in full colour is a [ :: giant hairy cunt :: ] on the cover. wow.

alrighty then...
... back to work I go.... :)

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mid afternoon... lunch has settled in... snack came and went... coffee continues... yet the same mid day CRASH wraps me up in an almost painful desire to crawl under my desk and have a wee snoooze.... ;)

question: What do I need to do to make a Mac play a wmv file...???

The Mac-ification of my universe currently looks like this: my SIL bought the iMac 20", and I'll be talking my MIL into letting me set her up with a iBook (the middle one... they make small, medium, and medium with a superdrive... and I'm thinking medium for her) Then comes my Mom. She needs a computer upgrade huge... and I wanna set her up with a iBook too. I want to put a mac-mini with a 15" lcd in the family room and limit the kids "net" access to that device... so they don't get then internet time tucked away in the basement play area... (that's the daddy in me thinking there). And then... for moi??? I want one of those smallest powerbooks... although I suppose I'd settle for the small iBook... but I think there's a screen resolution thing to gain by going with the powerbook. ( i really like the size, etc...)

My boss got a brand spanking new g-g-g-g-gorgeous Dell like ... a month ago. I was talking with him earlier... and while we were talking... his lap top did the flllick ... blue screen - big white cga letters... and click reboot. I'm like "wow... did you see that?" and he comes back with "yeah... that happens every now and then...."

WTF? Yeah... it's just making me want the ibook even more....

So about that wmv file...