April 15th, 2005


Friday, April 15.

Well... I tried to sort out the "A Day In .." thing last night... but ... no. It got to be 2:00 am again ... and I'm dying from that late night shit. :)

Fricking Survivor had me in honest to goodness tears when Steph was reading her merge mail... I know... sucky but still... WOW!!!!! It was hands down the most delightful Survivor moment evah!!

I've got a million things to get done today... and in the middle of that... I have to go have some lunch somewhere... sigh. I should be happy about that... but ... it's soooooooooooo busy.

Oh... and it's totally summer here man. The temps are way up, the mornings are brilliant and only slightly chilled ... It's GORGEOUS.

~ black ftls
~ friday's blue jeans [ :: the only blue jeans that don't have faded knees or rips... :: ]
~ b.u.m. equip gray shirt...
~ p-z long sleeve pull-over. :D
~ Flipp'en mental Bid Mania Madness (BMM) day. sigh...
~ go to a "thanks for the work" lunch downtown somewhere via a sales guy...
~ write about Survivor later... (wow!!!! fucking WOW!)
~ totally chill out tonight and enjoy ...
~ for all the CAMERA PEOPLE on my friends list... to go visit morganofthefay's journal [ :: here :: ] and help her out with info on Digital SLRs.
~ that a small army of spoons make themselves available for The Dawn of njtech... :)
~ and for baskets of good job-hunt vibes to wash over allyn!!

// Mental Image... that I cannot shake... So, I figure it must be a psychic thing. :D
Britney Spears...
talking to Madonna on the phone...
two years from now...
100 ml smoke hanging out of her mouth...
a 60 ml ash on the end of that smoke...
a cold-sore screaming on her bottom lip,
she's wearing a flowery print moo-moo,
baby Ishmael screaming in a swing chair covered in spilled yogurt in the back ground...
as is a framed wedding photo with hubbies head BURNED out of the portrait,
and Britney's yelling into the phone "kaballa shmalla!!! I want my ga-damned ass back!!!!"


K... back to work.
See you this 'aft... :D
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Survivor X Update!!!

Survivor X : Palau

Pass Me Some Kleenex!

Wherein... I actually teared up watching Survivor. What the hell is happening in the world that this is possible! Gah!!! Stephanie ... finally moves over to Camp Brainiac, where the boys sit about considering the size of their hooks and the girls contemplate flaying flesh from Tom "Wont Let Us Shower" The Shark Killah! The felching rat rammed up Lon Channy's ass must be stinging ‘cause that boy is all about being a nasty little snot, but that's ok... there's always the animated corpse of Janu to make fun of.

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