April 13th, 2005


Wednesday, April 13.

We woke a bit later than I wanted but I managed to get the kids fed, lunched, teeth-brushed and out the door in time to catch their bus. I even walked up the street with Ed because he asked me to... (he doesn't ask for much from me... so I just love it when I can do something for / with him). :D

I'm working in the worlds ugliest, boring-est, blandest cube on the planet today... I'm under florescent lights that have that industrial yellow thing going on... and I'm in some vacant cube with ... NOTHING...

I pressed my old 3com home connect lite cam into play today just for fun... and I'm snapping pictures for a new "a day in my life" post. (Hi badaboom!!)

Wanna laugh? My boss just phoned and told me I'm up for a many month posting to a client site that would require I be at work and generating reports for the client at 7:00 am... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *COUGH*... and he kinda gave me a choice about this one?? oh my god... whatever will I tell him?

I passed out on the sofa last night after watching Amazing Race... Phil's freaky eyebrow thing at the end of the show... scared me!
Ok... so I didn't pass out immediately. I sat there and watched a recorded "Daily Show"... for a bit... then passed out. It was right after he put up a picture of Camilla and Prince Charles with the caption "Bride Of Chucky". Not a good recipe for sofa sleeping. !!! I woke up at 1:15 or so and managed to get up to bed.... :)

~ red stripee ftls
~ khaki's
~ gray t and dark gray button up funkadelic shirt...
~ much suckage today...
~ Big Insanity but doing it from the downtown office... weeeeee... (kill me now!!!)
~ out door play with kids after work!!! :)
~ good tv tonight...
~ big choices... decisions decisions...
~ for all the very best to find meres in her business quest!
~ and for cockermom to stay well through the last little bits of being preggers...
~ I could explain how precious to me so many of my lj friends are... it's soooo dorky... but I just flippen love being able to keep track of you guys. :)

// Wanna laugh? [ :: read this :: ] ok ok... so there's nothing funny about it... And it's way WAY too early to be certain about any of this... but I don't suspect the story is getting much air play in the USA. People tend to get all bent out of shape whenever they feel like they get to point the finger at Canada and find that finger... bending back a bit. It's called Karma. It always gets back to you. Maybe it was just a mad cow cross boarder shopper? Heading down south for cheep gas?

// I love laptops... for the simplicity of them.
// I hate laptops... because typing on them is about the same as shoving red hot pokers in my eyes. sigh!

I've totally gotta get to work. See ya. :)

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You know... not all days are created equally!

Like today for instance...
My MS Word app just decides... it no longer wants to let anybody type.
It would run alright... I could open docs and "click" into them... but should I be so bold as to type... ZZZZZZAP. All instances of MS Word vanish with out a trace... no file saving... no questions... no little abandoned temp files... JUST GONE.

So in the middle of all this bid madness... sitting in the downtown office with the bid team... and I got nothing. They had to take my lap top away and fix it... I just got it back and the only thing they could do was to reinstall MS Office except using a non-standard version. They used Office 2003 while most of everyone else uses office xp.

Now I'm back in business.

oh, and I tried to make a phone post at lunch but the number I have programmed into my cell was bad... I need to try that again later.
I went on this fabulous walk at lunch behind the parliament buildings... taking pictures and stuff... it was really very nice. :D :D

Ok, it's 3:00 and I've a half days work to do by 4:30... (sigh).
See ya.

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gah... I always manage to get just
... a little stressed when putting the kids to bed...
and always seem to need to calm down afterwards.
It's not a huge thing...
it's just that the strings that hold me up...
have usually worn thin by their bedtime.

Good tv is on the pvr and I'm gonna go watch. :)
It's a good way to take the tension off the strings and let them ... refresh.