April 12th, 2005


Tuesday, April 12 <-- twelve...

Busy boy day... can't hardly find my eyes...
Boy I'm an attractive little muffin... hahahaha... gah!

Sunshine and phone calls. Interesting day so far... more on that later. :)

It's a crazy beautiful day around here, but sadly I have to struggle to not GO INSANE with bid related (work) stuff...
Although... a little bit insane would be nice.

I've said it before... but I'm saying it all again!!
The mp3aday is just incredible!!
The free service offered by You Send It Dot Com is equally incredible...
And http://maps.google.com is one seriously addictive internet toy.

~ blue ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ white t and the maroon shirt / tie combo.
~ downtown "bid" meeting first thing...
~ my office with a conference call this afternoon.
~ ongoing bid mania
~ Amazing Race tonight... :)
~ to say... that's one proud "donna"... congrats psychomagnet!
~ for the patience of solomon to hold gently to angryvixen's fingers... :)
~ I could scratch that itch thatthingido seems to be having. HA! k'mere... clay is calling.
~ to say... Dear Kimber: I hope today is wwway better. :)
~ that this chapter comes out just perfect... for nbbmom.
~ and dear boogierock... keep baby exactly where he is ... for another week... mk?

// so.... how 'bout that Wisconsin!!! [ :: check this :: ]
What we have here is a state wide episode of Tweety v. Sylvester. You got yer little song bird lovers over here... and your cat ladies lovers over there. I say drop all of Ontario's Pit Bulls in the Wisconsin Bush and let them sort the problem out. :)
(ar ar ar...)

// Dear Conservative Party Of Canada... please piss off someone in the mob soon... You'd be much more fun with broken fingers.

Holy busy... sigh.
I gotsta get... :)
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(no subject)

(fade from black)
(announcer voice)
We join the fearless hunters, Larry Markawitz
and Larry Potato as they lay in their blind...
waiting... always waiting. Patience is their friend and
the only thing standing between them... and success.

(camera pans across small cut in plywood, concealing
a four foot deep trench in which two slightly fat balding
guys with orange vests are standing... rubbing their guns)

The wily Wisconsin Cat ... the WWC for short... presents
a clear and present danger and makes a lovely chinese stir fry...

Oshkosh Supply. Beer and Bullets... One Stop Shopping
When we return from the commercial break, we'll look at how
Larry and Larry put safety first when the WWC attacks.

(no subject)

day is done...
time to fly ...
ok... time to drive.
When I'm "flying" home from work...
I'm working way too far away.

Time to drive.
See ya tonight.

Note: It's Amazing Race night.
So I will tape it... and watch it at 10:00 ish.
Clue: I avoid lj till I watch the show... so I don't get any spoilers. But I read mail.
So.... please don't post a comment to me saying who got kicked off until tomorrow .... mk? :D