April 10th, 2005


Sunday, April 10

It's a bit cool but it's all about the sunshine out there... :)
Geo is outside on his bike with the neighbor kids...
Ed and I are about to go work on his "story" - he's decided he's a novelist... and that's fine. :)
We've been up since 8:30, despite my very late arrival in bed and now I'm very much a member of the Walking Unconscious Society... basically? A wus!

Yesterday was all about running errands, cleaning, and sorting things out for a couple of projects for today. :)
I made debby's fudge last night... (oh my god! :D)

Feeling large on Friday night...
Set the PVR to tape a pay per view movie that I "bought" using one of the credits I guilted our Sat provider into giving me.
I recorded The Flight of The Phoenix.
Now... let me say that by the force of sheer numbers...
I readily accept that the incredible diversity of human kind must allow for almost any possibility.
And it is that spirit that I can acknowledge that there are most likely not less than three people who cream themselves at the mere thought of Denis Quade.
So... they'd love this movie.
Nuf' said.

~ um... pj pants...
~ long sleeve shirt
~ gap hoodie... warm!
~ it was tres burrrr when I woke up at 8:freaking:30. ug.
~ on figuring out whats wrong with the light wires...
~ running new coax from the dish to the basement
~ not sure if there's TKD today... but but... but... it's such a nice day! :)
~ I had a wee bit more sleep...
~ and to point out that you are spot on there tj642...
~ for NO TTC strike in TO... and if there is... that my many TO friends can manage... I've lived through several transit strikes... they all suck.
~ to send big words of "re-welcome" to my long lost friend doowat...
~ lvglenn! nice balls...
~ and meres ... WICKED!!! Wow on your club man... it's gonna be fabulous.

Ok... Edward is waiting for me ... tapping everything from toes to ... well... me! :D

Gotta go!

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Electrical Advice...

[ :: this is a shitty drawing of the wiring problem :: ]

~ there is a plug on the ceiling in my basement that wont work.
~ three heavy gage wires go into the junction box.
~ and I have no idea what-the-fuck it means...
~ the drawing above shows that:
- all three wires and the plug are grounded,
- white from wire three joins with the blacks from the other two in one of those twisty things...
~ the black from wire three goes into the plug.
~ the whites from cable 1 and 2 go into a twisty thing and a white comes out of that and goes into the plug.
~ CABLE TWO goes to another plug that WORKS!!
Does this wiring look ... right?

NOTE: I replaced the plug... The plug works.

dum di dum...

one of those "captain of industry" days...
I've yet to sort out the wiring dilemma, but I did manage to get the second sat dish receiver hooked up and cooking. :)

Despite my best...
...measure twice,
...get the right tools,
...borrow proper ladders,
...drink fresh coffee*,
...get my work gloves,
...and take pictures of everything before I touch it, in case I fuck it up,
... the very first thing I do is climb the ladder, check a screw, grab the screw driver and ... smash that phillips screw driver directly into the center of my baby finger... like in the center of the finger print zone. A lovely star shaped hole. *sigh*

Any ways... in the end I went from [ :: this :: ] to [ :: this :: ] which includes hiding the wire all the way along the house edge and shooting it to basement with the other one, and hooking it to the coax grounding tag... then running new cable from there to the panel that feeds the coax cable I put in the wall last summer when I had to rebuild that whole wall (water damage).
The big deal was actually taking apart part of the dish to put the new connection in it... I was marginally terrified I'd mess up the sat reception...

The result? The recently grandfathered satellite decoder that made room for the PVR has been pressed back into service in the basement on the "other" tv... aka... the "kids" tv or the "nintendo" tv...

The kids played outside in brilliant sunshine... the fort my next-door-nei and I built last summer in the barren forest behind the house was the hub of neighborhood kid activity all day and there was much yelling, bike riding, crashing, skateboarding and ball throwing... while various adults got together and chit chatted...

This is called "Cave Season is Dead" day... It's lovely to see everyone out and about.

The kids are just about ready for bed... all showered and fluffy looking...
Time to go be bed-time-story-reader. :)