April 8th, 2005


Friday, April 8

Peeks over at ya. :)
hmm? There was a time in my life when peeking was more like peaking ... but brain cells danced away at a furious rate.

It's supposed to be a really mild and nice day... heck I even see blue sky out there.
And you wonder why you sit in a cube and look at a big stacks of paper.

~ red stripee ftls
~ fresh out of the dryer blue jeans [ :: and I wish I could wear them every single day!! :: ]
~ red golf shirt
~ black sweater... red stripe.
~ bid mania continues
~ looking for a break in the day to work on the service offering docs
~ write about Survivor later... (holy freaking crap... that Steph is lord god king of the survivors!)
~ that the capability to forgive, was less illusive in the hearts and minds of some people.
~ my boss didn't find it necessary to have to say "serenity now" as a mantra in preparation to speaking with me... :) hahaha
~ that tonight goes well for canuckgirl...
~ to send some good wishes out to all my friends here that are holding their tummies and dreaming of the baby (babies!! Hi Catherine!) that are growing in there.

// Forgiveness is in all of us.
sadly, so too does spite lurk.
Failing to allow for the impact of one
makes ample room for the other.
And when it's all said and done...
you only find yourself running.
Running away from love
is the last race you want to win.

// Post Cereals... took the time to let me know that last nights episode of survivor was "suitable for family viewing... mostly". Why are the people that make breakfast cereals asking me to take their word for what is good television viewing for my family? Why does anyone think I care what Post Cereals think me and my family should be watching? It's all well and good to sponsor a show and flog your product endlessly... but to anoint yourself as a Social Values critic??? No... I'm not being bitter... I'm just a little flipped out that this is the new media. Governments, religious and quazzi religious organizations, and other self-appointed vigilantes of decency are constantly trying to take control of what I am allowed to see or what I can allow my children to see. These are the groups that brought you "Sponge Bob is training your kids to be homosexuals", child abuse and molestation, sexual discrimination, bigotry, intolerance, endless war and corruption of aide relief agencies.... just to name a few of their more outstanding accomplishments of late. Now? Now the breakfast cereal people want in on the action. Find a way to put three scoops of raisins in the box and start making the bags zip-lock closing... and you'll make me happy. Add yourself to the long line of organizations that have their noses in my business... and you'll just piss me off... and ps. I make the decisions at home about what cereal to buy.

Okidoki... time to be busy.
:) Have a wonderful day!! :)
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Survivor X Update!!!

Survivor X : Palau

And Then There Was One.

Wherein... I just kinda flip right out about how rocking jets cool that She-Ra Super Steph is. You just know there is some really big sponsorship gigs in her future. We get to see the sloth and excess of camp brainiac as they are overrun with scrap hunting vermin and a big gay pear... that just wants to be treated as an equal. An "equal" what we're not sure... but rest assured, he wants it to be equal.

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Ok... day is done.
Car is calling
and home is where... the heart is supposed to live.
I'm gonna go there and see if I can find any of that ....
I'll let you know how that works out. :D

Yeah.... so lets talk gas prices just for a second.

In the US you pay a price per gallon. This is a US$ price per gallon.
In Canada we buy our gas by the Litre... and, of course, pay a Cdn$ price per litre.
So convert the litres to gallons by essentially multiplying it by 4. (not totally accurate but hey... sue me).
And people in CA are flipp'en out about $2.50 / gallon gas. hahahahaha...

AND I propose that the money need not be converted between the currencies.
It's a percentage of my dollar and it's a percentage of your dollar (the "you" being an american consumer in this example)

So the bottom line... American gas prices are artificially low and the american consumer is only just starting to realize the awful truth. Gas prices are much higher than they suspect.

Of course, the real question is ... at what price per gallon will the whole SUV argument become moot?
Face it... SUV's use more gas than a normal 4 cyl vehicle. They pollute more, they cost more, and burn a shit load more fuel.

So when gas gets up to $10.00 per gallon... and your income has remained about the same... that advertising campaign by the auto mfg's that got you to think you actually needed an SUV is gonna start looking mighty weak.

... and somewhere in there... the true motivation for the gulf wars will become clear.
Very little can compete with the humour hiding behind the pathetic excuse for that war that talks about america saving those poor abused iraqui people and how muuuuuch better off they are today. But I know... if you are well heeled by FOX news etc... then there's no changing your stripes...

I'll let the pending gas crisis take care of opening up the eyes of the mostly blind.
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