April 7th, 2005


Thursday, April 7

Edit: and the headache was back when I woke up... we'll see how it pans over the day...b

It's all about rain... impending rain... and then a thunder storm? Ah yes... spring... dog poop, endless rain, mud, messy front halls and every body is freaking horny. Gotta love the play of natures cards. :)

I got a call from my doc... my blood tests...
Who knows about this stuff?
LDL = 4.07, HDL = 1.08, Triglyc = 1.35, Cholesterol = 5.77, Total Risk Factor = 5.34
So... am I gonna die when I eat the next piece of cheese cake or what?
Actually, doc said, the numbers are not ideal and that I should pay attention to my diet and check back next year for a retest. She didn't sound too worked up about it.

Holy crap was LOST ever good last night. Wow... and then WOW again!!!

~ black ftls
~ khaki cargos
~ old navy shirt and a big warm sweater (c-c-c-cold morning and rain? not getting much warmer today)
~ TOTAL BID MANIA again... sigh. This is how you are punished for doing a good job on a bid...
~ lunch... and then more bid madness!
~ oh, and a web project was handed to me but it's on the back burner till the bid is done. (this will take weeks... sigh!!)
~ Survivor tonight!!!
~ watch Alias from last night. :)
~ that the gods of good health find their way back to celtic_bairn's little logan. :)
~ to send good lj love'en out to ni... miss choco_orangutan ... because she's really very sweet. :)
~ and that pixiecup ... sticks with red... :)
~ that I had more time to cruise my friends pages and see what's what... but alas... not today.

// I appologize in advance for just not getting this... but...
I tape the 11:00 news every night and watch the first bits before bed... you know... to see the "top story" etc. The PVR makes really really good recordings. I could freeze on the corpse of John Paul II... and I'm telling you... he really looks like a dead guy. He's sinking into that table they're carrying him around on and IT'S FUCKING GROSS. Nothing... not one possible thing could make me understand why people would want to line up for days, wet their pants, go broke and be pushed around by guards in stupid costumes... so they could sniff a gross stiff.

// If the government falls... and I still believe it will... we will, as Canadians, face yet again the decision to elect a leading party and a PM. The opposition forces will toss the Liberals out for the Sponsorship problems... and then look at their options;
1) crazy fucking intolerant, homophobic, right wing, bigoted wack job (Conservative : Steven Harper... the "Harpie")
2) the Block guy... with no political relevance outside of Quebec
3) some NDP dude that really keeps vanishing after every election (big L on his forehead)
4) the criminals we call the Liberals.
Better the devil you know at this stage. My money says that we will toss the government minority and then re-elect them as a majority.

// "Holocaust Deniers" have got to be the most pathetic losers to ever find a microphone.


Ok... time to go.
Have a grand day guys... :)

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[ :: Pope TV :: ]

~ check that... you get to see his ex-pontificas slowing liquifying, and the people being shuttled past and if your lucky... a pan pan moment of the camera taking in the beauty of the chappel. :)

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sweet mercy... and a heartfelt "gah!"

Loooong day.
The head ache dissapaited (sp?) but that's from the advil... which kinda leaves me ... flat.
Flat stanley... :)

So I managed to not face-plant the keyboard and actually finished a major major ... general? captain volume of work.
This will effectively reduce the stress of my friday and for that I am moi grateful to myself... umm... can you be "grateful to yourself?" or is that maybe just weird?

ah whatever... I'm weird to start with.

ps. I'm kinda stoked about these cholesterol numbers... they are not all normal... there's a couple of "high middles" but none are in the danger zone... Meanwhile my father and brother both had complete diets handed to them following their tests... so Suz and I were gearing up for bad news... and... well, "continue to eat sensibly... watch out for saturated fat and come back for another test next year" is... way way better than I expected. :)

K... time to go home. I've totally had like, zero chances to read anybodies anything today... sorry if I missed anything guys. :)
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