April 5th, 2005


Tuesday, April 5

Well I lived. A night without coffee or snacks ended with a mad breakfast session, feeding kiddies that would rather watch the gay sea sponge and his S&M starfish boyfriend than eat... making kiddie lunches that ... well, honestly, usually come home again half eaten. Getting my kids to consume... is a never ending search for "the right stuff". Of course, it's my own fault... especially when I find something they love and I set about feeding it them day and night... hahaha... ok ok, I did learn from that ages ago... but still. :)

All that food and none for me!!! Off to the docs for the early appointment... I want to have a couple of rice crispies chopped off... (moles that just freak the crap out of me when I get around to noticing them). And she (my doc...) was all about "Oh I can do that right here... sec..." But alas, she didn't have the "stuff", so instead of an appointment to see a Derm... I get to back and see her again on April 20. :) The it was time to FALL ASLEEP in the Lab waiting for my name to be called so they could suck a little blood. One test tube... not even a big one... But that was it and I was all about the mad dash to Starbucks drivethrough for a "grrrrrandeeeee mild with double cream please" and I really roll that "r".

The weather is every kind of perfect... sunshine... blue sky (ok, not a lot of blue)... warm air... cool breeze... and the vast rain on the weekend really dumbed down the "spring run off" issues. It's a wonderful day. :)

~ black ftls
~ black cotton kinda cargos...
~ gray b.u.m. equip shirt and darker gray funky shirt...
~ so it's a bit of a gray day on the outside of me... which is a nice contrast to the way I generally feel on the inside... so ... whatever. :)
~ new day ... same stuff... Gotta finish the "engagement" documents for a peer review session tomorrow.
~ phone computer store...
~ phone dude that put in the remote car starter...
~ and it's Amazing Race night...
~ to squeeze some sense and love into a wonderful and beautiful woman I know that is letting the loss of dead weight ruin her day... Honey... instead of losing a few pounds for summer... you've gone and lost a couple of hundred... What matters right now Kelly, is your sense of personal pride and you have a lot to be proud of. Let loves "practice run" fall behind you and may it fade away. Eyes front, shoulders back and never forget for one second that you are an intellegent, good and desirable woman.
~ to point out that only book geeks know what mellifluous means...
~ that smalltowngirlie enjoys that tug on the lip ... :)
~ I could reach out and send some i miss you moments to alma_perdida.
~ to say that I just fricking LOVE the everyday_people... especially all the pics from Russia...

// Radio was talking to various subject matter authorities on the issue of new weapons in development for the military ... pulsed energy weapons etc. The people from Amnesty Intl or Green Peace or whatever... holy cow... what a freaking waste of brain waves. "We want sufficient testing to be performed for our researchers assurance that these weapons will not cause undo pain or suffering." EXCUSE ME? Lets see... the alternatives are napalm, vast exploding bombs, atomics, anti personnel shrapnel... oh my god! You smack monkeys... geezus. Sorry if the war weapons they're working on may actually hurt people but BLOWING OUT SOMEONES EARDRUMS from 2 miles away is wwwwwway preferable to setting them on fire and shredding their bodies. Just my opinion mind you but... still... and if a few peoples heads explode from the ear thing... still... IT'S A WAR.

// Dear Planet:
Several thousand dollars for a plane ticket... shitty expensive accommodations in a crowded dirty city... cuing up for endless hours... so you can maybe catch a glimpse of a dead guy. Yet you will balk at giving generously to the charity that supports single mothers in your community or that the (i.e.) MS Society has to beg you for donations... Personally I think you are all fucked in the head.

K ... time to be the worker guy.
Have a smooochalicious day ... and yes that's gay... but I'm in a good mood... so bite me. :)
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