April 4th, 2005


Monday, April 4.

Big goofy smile on ze corto today... and considering I was expecting mad drama at work... that was quite a stretch... the smile... Big up though, the work thing is all for not, as things are actually strangely wonderful. It's like another notch on the "I don't know why but things seem to be working out again" totem pole.

Oh, speaking of totem poles... take the url for the user icons from the 10 posts below this one on your friends page... tie them up in stacked "img src" tags and post it behind a LJ-CUT... call it a friends page totem. I'll do one right after I post this...

It's a truly amazing day... no so shit hot on the weather front... but when I woke up, there was no head ache (2 days in a row is cause 'celeb baby), and a quick review of the universe turned up these amazing facts;
I'm alive...
I am not afraid...
There is a great deal of love in my life.
and!!!! AND... a growing bald spot can't stop an appreciation for good music.

~ dk blue ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ white t hiding under the maroon dress shirt
~ and the monday Tie... (I might as well call it that... seems like I wear it every monday)
~ first thing meeting with boss man to review project and work out time lines.
~ finish todays project deliverables...
~ drink coffee...
~ Medium tonight?
~ and start looking at a gallery program for my Linux FC2 server for the web site... recommendations?
~ to welcome nordicaicewench... and wonder all about her and what's up in her world.
~ to remind brak55 that you usually get what you ask for sugar...
~ that I could reach you Kelly... and offer up some words that had real value.
~ and to once again point out that macdatty is the just fricking adorable...

// Well lets see... how about a little government scandel?
The Gomery Inquiry (Adscam) is the name given to the "thing" the feds are doing to investigate all the shit that has come out about big one hundred million dollar scandel. The inquiry listened to politician after politician lie their pathetic and transparent assess off then moved on to hear the testimony of the various private sector organizations involved. The last few have been guys that are slated to face criminal charges... so to protect their right to a fair trial and to ensure that we don't all flip right the fuck out over hearing actual testimony instead of "um... well, ah done really remember wad happen bak in dos days dere..." they put a GAG ORDER on the proceedings. So... in true "information wants to be free" style... a US web site has posted the goings-on. You can read about them [ :: HERE :: ].
Now... the really big deal is that there happens to be a federal budget pending a vote in Parliament. The government in power (gop baby?) is a minority government so a failure to pass the budget will effectively dissolve parliament in what is more commonly called "non confidence vote". Well the budget was on shaky ground to start with ... in that the idiots that run our country tied several little add-on bills to the budget that seem to be the sort that are pissing people off... Now add that THE STUFF ON THAT WEB SITE is totally GOING TO START A FIRE. Bwaahahahaha... You read it here first baybeee... the Feds are going to fall. The "adscam" deal is ripe with stuff that goes on every day in Canada and the US for that matter... but is also the sort of stuff that simply cannot stand being revealed in the light of day. Back room deals... appointments of Feds to private sector big money jobs. Getting past election spending caps by having industry do the spending for you... Oh man... this is so going to be a big horrible hairy deal. hahaha...

// On the issues relating to his pope-y-ness... one hopes that readers can see the difference between being critical of a man... say of George The Nut Bar Bush for example, and being critical of an office. I think the office of the president of the United States is an amazing position with an interesting power structure. I think the man in that office today should be in a straight jacket and pelted with rotten vegetables... Now... contrast that to my issues with the ROC. The cardinal from Poland... was a wonderful man, who lived a life worthy of my (and anyones) respect. The office the pope, that he held for 25 years, is absolutely and totally without merit. His tutorship of the position was controversial to say the least and did not one thing to lessen the burden inherent in any organization that lets itself be run by a bunch of old men that wish they were young again, so they could re-live a life based on their outdated values. So... office versus person... got it?

Now... did you know they are supposed to whack the dead pope in the head with a silver hammer three times calling out his "christian name" before they are allowed to pronounce him dead. And do you know why they do this? No... it's not because he's a polish pope... they're supposed to do that to all the popes when they are late... (as in The Late Pope). No, it's because the catholic church is a ridiculous anachronism. A silver hammer? geezus fricking hell ...

k... 'nuf of that.


Life is like an unripened, yet beautiful, piece of fruit.
It is filled with the promise of something sweet...
And with that, the assurance of sustenance.
It's the promise of life that can carry you forward.
Just don't bite into it before it's time.
Going for something before it's ready...
is just a downer.

See ya muchachos y muchachas...
Have a wonderful day!
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~ Ed: "yo yo Wasssssup ma brother"
Sweet mercy... I don't have it on tape yet... but I'm sure I will eventually.
Ed heard this somewhere... and the "wasssup" is not some cheesy white boy Budwiser commercial either... it's like "WazzUp" with a hard click on the U.
The limp biskit crossed arms with the double bull-finger hand gesture is remarkably disturbing.
He's seven... this will pass... but honestly... I have absolutely no idea where he saw this. (and we don't get MM or MTV). :)

~ cleaning the trays below the elements on the stove last night... slipped... cut finger ... hurts to type with it... so I keep miss typing... it's kinda funny actually. :)

~ I have a doc appointment tomorrow at 8:45 am. After that... say by 9:15... I'm gonna get some blood sucked... for a cholesterol test ... family history of a problem and I've been putting off the test like a wanker for many many months. Hardest part? no eating or drinking... and not even a tic tac for 12 hours before the test. So at 9:05 I had a full mug of coffee and a small slice of truffle cake... I mean... I kinda want the test to be skewed towards the bad if at all possible... so my subsequent tests can show an improvement? Of course, I know I'll only be fooling myself. I suspect I may not be very good at accepting a major cholesterol problem ... grrrrrr!

~ I hadn't noticed... but the www.oqo.com product (the "oqo") had finally gone from vapor ware to actual hardware.
Too bad their dev cycle kinda took long enough for their system to appear somewhat wanting now. Still... it's a wicked cool idea. Apple should have done this... they would have done a much better job.

~ It's like my friends pages are turning into a neonatal ward... or is that a prenatal ward? or maybe just a great big lemans class... (sp?). Bottom line... there are a whole lot of preggers friends out there. Latest addition? princessblondie. Team Time Bomb is on the grow!

~ oh, and big big congrats again to knightsdawn on the very recent birth of his newest son... Bilal. (march 24!!)

~ dear America... please stop complaining about your gas prices... it makes your artificially low gas prices shine like small super-novas (or would that be "novi"?).
You think it's bad now? ... you have no idea.

~ hey have you seen that dual hemi new super cab "F" series... it actually has a button to ... like... eject half the gas tank contents at a stop light. The second engine isn't even actually connected to a drive train... it just sits on the hood ... running... and looking whicked cool. AND it has harness bolts so you can get three ... count 'em three!!! car seats in the extend o'cab and they shortened the cargo area so it'll fit in most parking garages now... you know... like the one under the building you work in downtown. Man... you are so gonna blow them away when you cue up to leave the parking lot... people are gonna be like "dude... that's a spare hemi..." and you'll be like "heh heh... s'up" and they'll be like "woah..." and then you'll be like "check this!" then... when you gun it... the second hemi will rock on gimbles... and they'll be like "wwwwwwwoah"...

~ I fully intend to continue marking my kids Kumon exercises with red pen. Just say'en. :D
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