April 1st, 2005


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tv talk...
~ several rounds of applause for the writers at Alias for Marshal gouging out a guys eye with a spork... priceless.
~ k... Lost... a) charlie finds that plane load of heroin and b) a martian steps out of that chamber, slaps Locke, and shouts "what? you couldn't ask for help?".
~ so I checked back on the gorgeous digital recording of Amazing Race and Deana's eye was fine on the "high bridge walk" across the painted power station tower, and then total fubar when they stepped on the "check out your new cars" mat with Phil. Any word on what's up with her eye?
~ there are so many things I like about the show Medium... hubby's not one of them.


Friday, April 1... the day people lie to you and think it's fricking hilarious...

So it was all rainy and crumb buckets out last night.
Boss man big gave me a lift to my mechanic... who, after replacing my front tires, the oil... twice... a broken dip stick (and no, vice president Chaney wasn't in my engine) and tightening various nuts bolts and belts... charged me $390 and I still have the weird noise I went in there to complain about. Ah yes... the Automobile... forcing the economy to spiral out of control for about a century now. Lovely. :D

Geo and Edward walked us through their "student lead conferences" (we had a quick dinner and then zoomed to the school). Edward... surprisingly, got all shy at the "Introduce your parents to the teacher" stage... it was terribly cute. :) I know my kids are a million miles from perfect but geeze... they are so adorable and, as far as I'm concerned, so smart.... Big reminders of that are a great way to mitigate the frustration you find at other moments in parenthood.

Today is all cloudy and chilly and ... a PD day... so I got to get up and take care of NOTHING except myself... ahhhh... bliss. :) I snuck out of the house after giving all my sleeping babies little tiny kisses that hopefully didn't wake them. I even went to 'bucks for a coffee instead of making noise (coffee) at home... :D

Makes me smile no matter what: trying to say "sharks with fricking lasers"... never fails...

~ green ftls
~ beige point-zero (p-z) jeans... [ :: and try as I might... I couldn't get a good shot today... :: ]
~ old navy 1 dollar shirt... gotta love sale items...
~ and I slapped on a warm sweater when I realized how chill it was out side.
~ to avoid "falling for it" all morning... I have no great history of not being a sucker... so I kinda duck'n'cover on April 1.
~ on feeling a bit distracted later...
~ and then face the fact that I'm supposed to have that "service offering" material done by monday... lets see... today's friday... hmmmm.
~ tonight? oh there's something on the pvr waiting for me... :)
~ two new galleries for my web site are just waiting to be pressed...
~ and I've not had a "there.com" fix for days and days...
~ people would lighten up... geez.
~ that you would zooom over to the Astronomy pic of the day via apod... Proof of Water On Mars... it's huge news.
~ to send ginormous congratulations out to princessblondie ... smiles and adds her to team time bomb. (now you HAVE to keep us up to date!!)
~ for fortune to smile on my friend hotblue... next time.
~ and that all things good about being preggers hold tight to angryvixen...

// Italian news sources are reporting that, following a lower court decision in Rome, Michael Schiavo has boarded an Air Italia flight and should be on the scene yanking Pope JP II's feeding tube before lunch. Vatican sources declined comment but an unnamed source is quoted as saying they have faith that the US Congress will step up to the plate and force the assembled cardinals to reinsert the tube... From the White House Press Room, George Bush: "we want to stress that, the tube... the tube is really important. It's a big tube and it's an important tube. Johnny needs that tube... and by golly, we're going to do everything in our power to make sure that tube gets shoved right back up his... hmm? pardon... Rome? Isn't that in Ohio? Italy... you sure? oh... okay... never mind."

K... time to get busy...
see you a little later ...
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apparently sinead o'connors favourite celebrity... Captain Catholic... the man with the biggest hat... Pope John II has gone on to the big poker game in the sky.
May he rest in peace and if you are a devotee... you have my sympathy.