March 31st, 2005


Amazing Race 7 Update!!

Amazing Race 7 Update!!

Part One: Ghetto Face Lift

It's all about... two episodes in one night... :D It's a marathon Amazing Race night! From Buenos Aeries to Soweto, it's an action filled night with blood splattered old people, diapers on old people, and some freaky ass shit going on with Deana's face. Not that anybody said anything... I mean what the hell is up with that... The right side of her face ... was like ...limp. Here’s a review of the first show.

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Amazing Race 7 Update!!

Amazing Race 7 Update!!

Part Two: Oh Look... A Car Crash... zoomzoom....

It's all about... the way Ramber fell from grace. It's part two of marathon Amazing Race night and the fun never stops... Lynn and Alex burn Ramber, Ramber reminds us they suck, the Stoners flip their jeep and we realize Rob and Amber both need to get to Oz and find the Wiz... 'cuz there's nothing but stale air in those tin man costumes.

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Thursday, March 31!!!

The Evil Eye... "Balushka!!!" LOL!

Yesterday, I'm looking at the picture of Rice and saying to cwd that it looks like the little sand dudes in Star Wars... and we both set about trying to remember what they were called. After a few minutes we give up and I calmly say... in voice just above the standard "office cube" volume "Any star wars geeks out there?" And it was only a moment or two before dude shows up from several cubes away... "Jawa...they're called Jawa" and he walks away with our thanks chasing him. There really is something weird and wonderful about working in a geek zone... although, every now and then you see a few minutes of "Office Space" and you get depressed all over again. :)

The Sun is doing the whole "spring has sprung" thing out there.... back up to double digit warm. Of course, the weather-nuts are calling for it to cloud over and ... snow. But, as my children remind me every day... the "weatherman is an idiot" so I'll wait and see. :)

~ dk blue ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ dk blue pinwhale corderoy shirt
~ ... and a gray t under it. :)
~ and if I owned fire-apple red sox... I'd be wearing 'em. :)
~ job one: drive to auto-mechanic and let him rag me out for not rotating my tires... hello new tires...
~ co-worker-dude (who now refers to himself as "cwd") picked me up and gave me a lift. :D
~ to not react to the knowledge that the last other member of our team is getting a new laptop ...
~ more development of the service offering graphics, web site and documents... you know, actually using my lap top for more than reading mail...
~ student led conferences at the boys school after work today...
~ and Survivor tonight :D :D
~ that another new episode of Lost was on tonight!!! dayem!!! that was fun last night... although that Boo guy kinda pisses me off.
~ to send my sincere condolences out to amyliscious. rip grans...
~ you'd go check the image in balljar's recent post... man... Have you paid good money for a film-camera lately?

The radio was talking again this morning... it does that...
They were blathering something about the Juno awards... that's Canada's Music Awards show. They were all over issues to do with indie labels versus the big records and some other crap... The issue for me was how they introduced the segment ... with a comment on how the Canadian Music Industry is suffering. Now, if they'd just stop comparing it to the US Music Industry every fricking time they open their "industry pundit" mouths... they might realize that the music industry is alive and well in Canada. Stop expecting the canadian version of anything to reach the same levels of mass hysteria that shit rises to in the land of guns and make believe freedom and people would realize that things are going very well in Canada, thank you very much.

A co-worker just bought an equinox... it's one of those "I wish I was an SUV" vehicles but it has no four wheel drive and essentially rests a SUV like chassis on a car frame. It's not the roll-over king that an expedition is or the gas maniac that an escalade is... However... it's still part of the problem. And I struggle to bite my tongue.

Have you been paying attention to the people George Bush is appointing to international organizations lately...
That guy he put in at the World Bank..."Paul Wolfowitz", architect of the Iraq War... and he's gonna head the world bank????
What do you bet Tom Delay gets appointed to be the Head of the Treasury or something... hahahahaha... geezus guys... that world bank thing is seriously fucked up.

K... time to go and be worker boy
(who loves ya!!!!)
See ya.
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democracy now...

Interesting Read: [ :: at democracy now :: ] (follows up on my comment this morning regarding the new head of the World Bank. (thank you James!!)

~ and people wonder why I have all these "issues" with the US administration... bwaahahahaha

Noting that this does not translate into any issue with a citizenry or a physical environment. Heck, my folks own a house in the states... I've got relatives all over the US... and the best friends I've ever made in my life... live in the US.

However, George Bush is a nut bar with balls that can be seen from space (thank you daily show) and the criminal organization surrounding him, masquerading as a government, is the shepherd that is leading The American Empire down it's final descent. Sad but true... - well, "true" in all the ways I can research it... which is to say, not just an off the cuff opinion.