March 30th, 2005


Wednesday, March 30... holy crap.... it's about to turn in to April!!!! Friday... wowzers

The sun is beading down on the world around me... However the "world around me" is currently a big office building, a bunch of walls and then, when you get up real close, some free standing baffles with a rather unattractive fabric enclosing my little cubicle. and I sit in the corner of that small space. So what I'm saying is... it's lovely that the sun is out... and I just wish I was rolling around in the periwinkle under that sun.

I was dreaming up a wicked storm last night... big freaky deal that I absolutely cannot remember any of... except that when I woke up I had to sit on the edge of the bed for a bit to shake the dream loose and re-find my hear-and-now.

It's one of those days... headache free... feeling relatively healthy... save a few sneezes... toes tapping... great sleep... and an electric thing deep inside that reminds me of just how happy I am to have the life I am getting to live. I look around this big world and I know I lucked out in that department. (I'm having a great to be alive moment here... touch me... I'm electric! :D)

random thought: Do you eat a corn dog (pogo) specifically so you can get to the crunchy bit at the bottom?

and another: I DO NOT get biscotti... stale, burt, taste free cookies... and people pay actual money for it...

~ red stripee ftls
~ black cotton kinda cargos...
~ funkadelic shirt... that is, sadly, hiding under a charcoal gray sweater. :) (it's a wee bit cool in the office!!)
~ form-city... I'm fill'en out paper work for my "career manager" this morning...
~ back on a project to finish developing the materials for a new service offering based on what we were doing for that big client we had over the winter. :)
~ tonight? Well finally... a new episode of Lost! Not sure if Alias is new...
~ write about AR tonight... :)
~ that things turn out ok with kaylee's mom...
~ and that good health sneaks up on teaser and harleydog... heck on all you guys sniffl'en, weezen and sneezen. (ps. I have sneezed about six hundred times since yesterday noon... I'm doomed!)
~ I was crazy rich... then I'd buy cruise tickets for fallingforward and her little Teq... and go with 'em... just cuz it'd be so much fun to spend time talk'en with that girl. :D And if you're gonna dream, include fancy meals and young people serving and cleaning up after you.

// Ok... So where are all the people with scrunched up, goofy faces, with their eyelids pulled down or their lips inverted? I mean... how many times did you hear... "If you keep doing that you'll get stuck like that!"... yeah, so ... where are all the people that didn't listen... because you know there's people that didn't listen... I'm starting to suspect that maybe it's ok to make all those faces.

// I have to say... the people that are protesting the Terry thing... out front of the Hospice... and hurtling abuse on the people that work there... are solid contenders for the lowest of the low to ever find their way up onto to feet. It is with great and furious amazement that I see these people being allowed to keep doing this. I mean, if SUV owners have time to plow into kids at a bus stop... why not plow a couple of lincoln nav's into those protesters.

// Alanis Morisset... officially a guilty pleasure.

Ok... off to work-for-the-man... :)
Enjoy your day.
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::::::::::::::::::[ end of day me ]:::::::::::::::::

It's late... time to go.

Office decoration? or just a mild political statement? You be the judge.
[ :: turned Mz Rice into something of a Jawa! :: ]

Quiet now... does that hurt?
No... yes.... shhhhhhhh... yess....
no... don't stop.
No... yes... just like that... oh yes.
wait... (shuffles a bit) ok... yes... harder.
oh fuck... no... faster...
oh, yes... wait... wait... wait...

.... what?
back scratches are the best eh...
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