March 27th, 2005


Sunday, March 27

Up with wee kidlettes who are hot for the easter bunny!! (that's edwards bunny in the picture... "my but hurts")

Yesterday was weird... I woke up with a headache... took some advil and moved through the day. There were some errands and stuff... and the sorting of things for baby-sitter night. My niece shows up at 5:00 and we go to have dinner with some friends of Suz from her work. Very nice couple... They're cat people... er... serious cat people... which makes for an interesting array of knick knacks throughout their house. :)

We got home and kinda chilled..

Oh... yeah, and there was this thing... It's like the last gasp of the VCR. We taped Alias last week... and still hadn't watched it... so we snapped it in and ... honestly I found the episode kind of a yawner... but the point is... it fricking stopped a couple of minutes before the end of the show! TYPICAL. Stupid vcr (I know... stupid vcr programming... but shhhh I like to blame inanimate objects for my short comings.)

Then I basked in the glory of a digital recording of Battlestar and ... it was fabulous!!!

The night was not over though... sometime around 1:30 I was totally overcome by a vast and sickening migraine. It came on like a thunderstorm. I was proppped up in bed, all the lights out, imitrix working it's way through my blood to my brain and feeling like I was gonna need that bucket beside the bed at any moment. Oh it was a real hummer. The day dawned bright and headache free but my neck is seriously kinked up and sore. (blarg!!)

~ oh it's only 11:00... pj pants for sure!!
~ and a hoodie.
~ to go make a big salad to take over to my units house...
~ to make two b-b-big loaves of garlic bread (is "loaves" a word?) to take to my MIL's house...
~ and finish up my SIL's computer (finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
~ we go for a lamb roast at brunch with my sister, her squeeze, my bro, his squeeze and his kids at my mom and dads house... (they're still on their cruise... but my sis lives there... soooo it's easter egg hunt time. :D)
~ then, it's my MILs house to celebrate four (count 'em... four) birthdays and more chocolate bunny day stuff... with a big dinner.
~ an den later tonight... I will sit around burping and farting... yikes.
~ that you guys are enjoying the holiday.
~ that wenchlette is having a great time on "the rock"!!

We watched "The Sponge Bob Movie" this morning... that drag fag Patrick... sure spends a lot of time trying to seduce that Sponge... What a horrible influence on my poor children's innocent minds... and the scene with Patrick in the Leather shorts and fishnets... Just scandelous!! It being easter and all, I think it's a darn good time to point out that our saviour did not rise from the dead and bless all mankind with his sacrifice just so that we could make homosexual cartoons to corrupt our children ... I mean... same sex sponge and crustation unions are simply unholy and repugnant. Next time... I tell ya... enough of this corrupting influence... I'll have to look into a Sumerian snuff film for sure.

Happy Easter.

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geeky question:

I have wireless desktop... you know, keyboard and mouse.
When I play racing games... games that - for example - use the mouse buttons for "acceleration" ... so you have to hold down the mouse key... while you're racing, the acceleration stops as if it stopped noticing that the mouse button was pressed. If I plug in a wired mouse... no problemo.
Does anyone else have this problem? or is it something wrong with my mouse or my setup of the mouse?

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no idea why...
but yesterday morning... stress type "back of the head and neck" headache
last night... full on all over migraine
and after a day of no problems other than a stiff neck... a nice new "back of the head and neck" deal.

fucking lovely.

~ goes to warm up bean thing in microwave...