March 25th, 2005


Friday, March 25

Well ... I slept till almost 9:15... and that, my friends, is a sleep in!
Honestly, it felt wonderful. :D
I'm up... I'm yawning... and I'm checking my company email... because I'm on the clock today if they come up with anything that can fit the bid we've been working on all week.

In keeping with the spirit of the last few days... Mother Nature has once again brought an amazingly beautiful day to the table. All this sunshine is actually MELTING THE ICE on my laneway... it's down to about 8 inches thick at the foot of the lane... and clear pavement at the top! :D wohooo.

~ blue ftls
~ pj pants... [ :: ahh... to live in pj pants... :: ]
~ a t and a million year old sweatshirt.
~ write about survivor...
~ check company email
~ install the PVR
~ check company email
~ build my sil's computer
~ check company email
~ oh... shower and shave in there somewhere... :)
~ check company email
~ drink coffee...
~ with some very big wish'en energy... for sweet kristenactually's dad to find his way back to better health
~ and that nbbmom gets that good-health vibe too!

If the side of fries costs 1.99 and a side of ceasar costs 3.99 ... and the meal includes one side... and you want fries and the salad.
(yes, small things make me happy in restaurants... and when I point this financial wizardry to suz... she's like... "yes rick" (my dad). hahaha... I guess I take after him more and more as the years tick by...)

You know... the whole "Torrid Tale Of Terry And Her Tube" does nothing but throw flood lights on the radical hypocrisy that rages across the United States political structure and the lobby groups that influence them. What a complete load!!! I thought I was gonna pee myself laughing while listening to John Stewart's take on this situation.

It's good friday... it's a religious holiday of dramatic proportions... and even when I was little and still subjected to the sunday game show called Church... I really could not for the life of me understand why we celebrated good friday. Yes... I get that the theoretical "him" hung out with the other riff raff today... but how morbid can you get? Honestly... the Jewish faith has much more reasonable holidays.

Okkidoki... time to go get more coffee... :)

Survivor X Update!!

Survivor X : Palau

Man Writing

Wherein... the children of a lesser god find a little favour. Of course they have to find it at the end of a gun, but whatever. Dobby, remains useless, and finds that it's not nice to bad mouth Allah. The show-girl provides the only Koror entertainment, but does it by having a mental break down. Steph gets a complex and Jeff gets to say "I'll go tally the votes" twice... again.

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