March 24th, 2005


Amazing Race 7 Update!!

Amazing Race 7 Update!!

The Horseshoe Kid

It's all about... the seemingly endless supply of solid brass horseshoes that keep popping out of Boston Rob's ass. We get to see what Janet Jackson would look like having a saddle malfunction... and then watch while the wretched punk fairy boi (hi kym) torments his mom. The old guys reinforce their own stereotype and Ray reminds us at every possible moment that he must have a penis the size of a crayola crayon.

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Thursday, March 24

Well... what can I say... It's snows in Toronto... Boston... every where around them lakes... but here? It's all sunshine and Mommy Nature ice cream. It's a gorgeous day again. We'll prol'y have a tornado or something on the weekend... but I'll take dripping-sun-shine-and-warmth while I can get it baby. :)

We got a note from my Globe Trotting parents last night... and in typical mommy and daddy fashion, there was some cryptic reference to having a great time "despite some little calamity" or something... (I forget the exact phrase). So what I'm saying is that ... well ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING COULD HAVE HAPPENED knowing my families predisposition towards hiding broken legs, and all manner of challenge from one another until the absolutely last moment. So... join me in a weird moment of hoping everything is ok with them and that the next five weeks pass on their cruise with only good reports. :)

It's Thursday... which is Pizza day at the kids school... which is my ABSOLUTE favorite school day... 'cuz I don't have to make lunches... :D
Tra La La... :)
(heroic pose of the lazy daddy).

~ blue ftls
~ beige p-z jeans...
~ dk blue b.u.m. equip t with a big blue turtleneck...
~ yo! Bid Biotch...
~ oh, and watch Alias tonight (taped from last night)
~ go buy the parts for my SILs computer...
~ get a hair cut... if possible... (sigh... I soooooooooooo need a hair cut)
~ that the life and times of pixiecup's family gets on the mend... flu be gone!!!
~ to send a great big giant geeky question mark out to sugar-bronze... er... bramey
~ the Play Station Portable... or whatever it's called... had a really great PIM type contact management "GAME" so I could get one and say I need it like I need a palm... oh wait... I don't need a palm... rats.
~ to say "thanks for being confusing" to stephaniekaye... and wish her every moment of good fortune as the next 30 days tick past... tick tick tick... :)
~ that pookfreak enjoys every moment of her vacation.
~ and finally, to point out that reading Ak-Kit Monkey Mama and her dialogs with Darling John... is serious

Hey... Happy Birthday to my fav HAC*... :)


So there's this guy here in Ottawa... he was just in court... saying (and I quote) "I was just trying to scare her... I'm from Africa!! and it's normal to scare your woman for an African man." What did he do? Well the police got there while she was cowering with her child in their apartment on the phone with 911 while he hacked through their front door with a SWORD... screaming at her about how he's gonna kill er.
Let me just say...
Dear Stupid Fucking Loser:
Please enjoy your stay with Jacque, Bubba and Eugine in the big house. And don't worry... they're from JAIL... it's normal for them to scare their newest bitch.
Ass munch.

Ok... time to go. :D
Have a wonderful day-before-a-day-off.

* HAC: hot asian chick... :)

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... there are some really smarty pants (meant in the nicest possible way) conservatives... republicans... etc... on my list that have demonstrated in the past that they are not just "all attitude" but rather well read on their subjects.

Please take a moment to pop over to [ :: this post here :: ] in fallingforward's journal... she's looking for a republican p.o.v. on something she's working up...


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~ putting on coat in front hall, and manages to insert the corner of a shelf into the ... top of my head. sigh... not a highlight. :)
~ swiss chalet for dinner means... no dishes.
~ want very much to watch Alias... and we have "the whole nine yards" on dvd... never seen... any good?
~ oh, and we got the pvr tonight... to be set up later. (does a little dance)

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State Senator Austin Allran is really highlighting
the idea that he really has no concept of what the
world is like for the average white collar worker.
It is most definitely not the world it was when ideas
like the ones swimming around in that muddled brain
of his were formed. He's trying to get North Carolina
to enact a law banning ms solitair from state owned
computers... you can well imagine his 'productivity'
based arguments. The productivity lost bringing such
legislation into reality and enforcing it would grossly out
weigh his perceived gains... and that's ignoring the
arguments against their being any gain possible in the
first place. It's like a bad joke about bureaucracy.
And it sets a really really bad precedent. (grrrr!)