March 23rd, 2005


Wednesday, March 23

(wow... kind of a serious psycho face there... I promise... I don't even own an axe)

So my little Edward slept from 5:00 pm to 7:15 this morning... can you dig that? man... he's fighting off being unhealthy the best way his little body knows how... sleep... and he's a real pro.
Health issues aside... both kids went to school this morning. They're both fine actually... The docs office would have phoned by now if the strep test had been positive, so we're talking about little flu bugs that have degenerated into coughs... and will prol'y be colds before it's all said and done.

We (Suz and I) had an interesting lesson yesterday... as we both got jiggy with telling Geo what to wear to school.... It's that in-between time... warming up in the afternoon, but there's still snowbanks... puddles, etc... so we're debating boots v shoes, snow pants versus extra pants in case the ones he has on get wet... hat... gloves... etc. etc. etc. etc.... explode!!!! er... The lesson being that Geo is 9 years old. If he's cold... he'll put on a hat... a coat... boots... and if we force him to wear something he doesn't want to... well, he'll just take it off when he gets on the bus. So today we said nothing... and let him make his own choices.

It's sunny and g-g-g-g-gorgeous again today. Of course, I'm stuck in my cubicle for the day... but still... :) It's nice to know there's a nice day out there somewhere. :D

~ black stripee ftls
~ dk blue dockers... although it started as black jeans... but o... m... g... I could barely do them up.
~ so it's a fat day... period.
~ red p-z golf shirt.
~ black sweater...
~ ok, today is total crazy day with the bid thing... we have these colour coded events , red, pink, green etc... to mark milestones in the process of preparing big honking bids... and I think it's a "red day"... whatever... all I know is my phone hasn't stopped ringing since I got in and it's going to be totally whack all day long... *le sigh* (including the "le" there ...'cuz this is Canada man... and we're all s'pozed to be like, bi here...)
~ to be happy I'm NOT heading downtown to a meeting ... but that I get to do the tele-conjob thing instead.
~ Survivor is ON TONIGHT... just in case you er... forgot.
~ to send big thanks to my "brutha" allyn and promise him a time to run together through the periwinkle some day...
~ I hadn't said "I don't care if what I say offends you..." because, I suppose I do actually... care, that is.
~ it's hard to sort all that out. I guess the issue is that some shit is directed at people... and other stuff is just twisted thinking spilling out... and I'm never gonna be sorry about the "thinking spilling out" part. That's what I have the journal for... But the directed stuff... is stuff I should pay attention to... and I'll always be ready to hear criticisms of my success or, rather, failure in that regard.
~ all the good fortune in the world to sin_da_rella as she tries to build a wall between herself and cigarettes...
~ the strength to ... find peaceful solutions... out to carefreespirit
~ there was a really good way to help someone see the wonder of their own potential ...
~ to send some good vibes and a little lj kinda love out to my friend angry alice... you are more sugar.

yeah... that periwinkle part was a bit weird huh...
eh... whatever. :)

So Georgie... The Bush Man, the master of hypocrisy, wakes up at 1:00 in the morning so that he can make it a law to "err on the side of life".
Brain dead for ten years aside... I'm sure the hundred thousand dead Iraquis are wondering just where "err on the side of life" was when George bombed the living shit out of their country over invisible wmd.
Good ol'Republicans... wanting smaller, less intrusive, and a more efficient government figure the entire congress and white house were put in place and paid for by American taxpayers so they could get involved in one families personal struggle with tragedy. I mean, heck... if they hadn't roused themselves... people would have had to rely on the opinions of a State Court... and you know they're totally dysfunctional and out of touch.
But don't worry... It's not really that George wants to over turn the decisions of State Government and State Courts, let alone get involved in messing with the lives of individuals Americans and trampling on their rights and freedoms. You can leave that to the Religious Right... George did.
So what if Pope John Paul II re-enforced the notion of not maintaining life with overt intervention when there is no expectation of a return to consciousness in the Declaration On Euthanasia... what the heck would the Catholic Church know about this stuff... Everybody knows the Christian Lobby in the US is the real keeper of the divine truths.
If you subscribe to the teachings... and you can recall the small but important reference to the "meek"... then perhaps you, like me, can see how the religious left, voiceless, disorganized and generally impotent, are becoming the meek, overshadowed by the heavy hands and zeal of the Religious Right. The Christian Fundamentalist movement... and all who subscribe to it have clearly lost any grip they may have ever had on the "meek" handle.
Rest In Peace Terry... and I'm sure your husband is sorry for all the confusion.

Time to be busy.
See ya after lunch. :)
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Business proposition:

Would work pretty much like a bicycle courier.
Have a bike... edgy clothes... big stupid mail bag over the shoulder.

Looks like a courier...
Actual job? ASS KICKER.

"Hello, Corto's Ass Kickers."
"Hi... I need a delivery to 1220 Main, Suite 1500"
"We can do that... time?"
"Has the be there before 2:00"
"No problemo... Kickee Name?"
"Joe Blow"
"Righto... Malicious?"
"Totally... make it leave a mark!"
"Deal... Credit card number..."

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::::::::::::::::::::::::::[end of day me]::::::::::::::::::::

Yeah... so that hilts guy... is quite the james bond impresario... well, to my eyes at least... :)
Him and ofsilence... however Nate is decidedly less healthy right now... (get well soon man).

May the tides of mother natures never ending crack addiction pull back and let petermarcus find his way home...
... and Ward!! wbahner Dude!!! Serenity Now indeed!


What a totally insane day...
(and then he goes on to talk and talk about work... forcing him to use a FO cut... so... no).


REMEMBER: If you're a fan... Survivor is ON TONIGHT.! :)

After 5:00??? cool... I'm so outta here! See ya.
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