March 22nd, 2005


Tuesday, March 22

"hey geo... wanna hop in the pic?"
"k... no, closer... k... smile..."
bwaahahaha... now I wonder where he gets this 'tude from... :D

It's another gorgeous day... I'm talking temps destined for like +2 and blotchy skies... it's just all pretty and warm out.
They think it's gonna snow a bit later... but ... whatever. :)

Geek Moment: imagine my frustration... that PC I'm working on for my SIL and niece... the frazzled Hard Disk... is not a hard disk after all... but something totally fucked on the main board. 90% of the time... the system will simply not power up. When I got the "good result" the other night by changing drives... well... serendipity baby... pure fluke. I installed, patched, loaded and recovered ... only to find that the thing will not power up nine times out of ten and ... sigh... I am only assuming it's the main board. It's a new power supply - so that's not it) I have to try and test all the bits in another computer (ffffffack!) and then deliver the "you gotta spend more money" news to SIL. weeeeeeee.

~ green ftls
~ black kinda cargo's... it's like they tried to mainstream the cargo concept by slapping thigh pockets on dockers...then changed the cut a bit... and presto... "cotton kinda cargos"
~ white ribbed shirt (shhh!)
~ big'ish warm three tone beige, white and uber pale green sweater...
~ being a bid bitch all day...
~ watching and laughing at Amazing Race tonight... :)
~ phone my SIL and ... talk about that pc.
~ to point out that apod is GORGEOUS today... (my desktop de'jour :D)
~ that people get what's coming to them... like the guy (finestdrops) here on LJ that wrote to CBS because he felt it was his duty to turn in a fellow Lj'er that was posting Torrents of Survivor episodes after the show airs... a show that has almost not one single drop of syndication value after airing... *sigh*... I bet he drives a SUV.
~ ... quite sincerely... that life spins a favour or two towards cherdoo... Everybody pays their dues... and everybody has their something... and, personally, everybody deserves favours from this life.

This song... see I like the source song to start with... but man... it's a g-g-g-g-ggreat remix... I love well-done remixes... :)

Ahhh Spring.
A young girls heart turns to fancy
and a young boys' turns to nancy...
I suppose all those people that live in endless summer will wonder w...t...f... but alas...
Tiss the season of the poop soup and the lovely wafting scents of recently revealed decay.
Love-er-ly inn'it. :)
Dog lovers everywhere... and their little leavings, well... sometimes ginormous leavings... are finding their way back into the sun as the snow melts.
And watch out for the Pit Bull Poop. Once it gets a grip on your shoe... it'll never let go!!!
But this is Ontario... and in a few more years... we'll be free of pit bull poop forever. :)
Now about all the other turd balls, logs, rivers and slurries that are making their way back into the light...
I mean... the garbage cans in the parks during the summer are constantly OVERFLOWING with little inside out grocery bags, tied in a single knot and serving as little "good dog owner" badges but they don't empty those garbage cans in the winter. And the garbage cans are virtually empty... so I suppose the "good dog owner" thing is really only a summer time thing.
Ahhh Spring...
... watch your step.

/// Oh OH OH OH !!!!!
Have you ... seen the commercial for that new toy?????
I've just tried to find it on but ... I'm in too much of a hurry.
The thing is... it's a life sized plush stuffed dog thing that... wait for it... licks you.
Now maybe I'm just a really really sick little fucker... but I was totally agog at the tv when they showed the little girls playing with their new little lick-you dog...
Watch out for Sponge Bob and his horrifying influence of hand holding the stupid star fish but here... go play with little doggy-licks-a-lot... and will you need a smoke later?

K... I gotta go be a busy guy. :) see ya.
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If you don't know the joy of this music... then you missed something in life, and I feel sorry for ya.

(taps toes)
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:::::::::::::::::::::::[end of day me ]::::::::::::::::::::::::

So... here's a clue.
I really do NOT care if my journal entries offend you.
Go away, if it's a problem.
Engage me in debate if it isn't.
I swear... how often does this have to be said?
Obviously I suck...

I mean....
I make a really very serious effort to
share good vibes, and bring a little
sunshine and sugar into the lives of
my friends when time lets me take
it out for such things.
But I will say what I say... period.

next topic.

oh ma gaaaaaawd. what a frigg'en day.
Not a moment goes by without the sun
sneaking around the corner of my TOTALLY
WINDOW BLOCKING baffles and taps me
on the shoulder to remind me that a) the
weather man is a jack off and it's not
anywhere close to snowing... and b) I
haven't been outside for one second
since I walked from the car to the
building this morning... HEAVY SIGH.

random: Condo Condi The Rice Queen... looks kinda cute with thumbtacks through her eyes holding against my baffle. :)

Cool link from my iPod Suffle'en CWD (co worker dude). [ :: click me... It's about mp3 players :: ]

When the occasion calls for it... what do you say?
Poll #459454 all day... every day... baby.

All day... every day is

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the hand

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ok... wait.

Regarind [ :: this poll :: ]... from the previous post...

Absolutely everybody said "24 - 7".

Now... is that because of the way I worded the "All day... every day." thing or, as I was hoping, is it because absolutely everybody says "twentyfour seven" when they refer to the "all the time" concept?

I ask... because I always say "seven twentyfour"....
er... and asking kinda makes the poll stupid... I should make another poll...
hang on...

Poll #459591 All the time!

All the time!!

24 - 7(twenty four seven)
7 - 24 (seven twenty four)

(I know I know... p-i-t-a)

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c: Ok... what's it gonna be... it's already 9:00 and you have got to get in bed!
g: snack?
c: sure... and you'd like...
g: (moves toward cupboards...)
c: no... just think and then tell me... don't rummage...
g: ok... um... ice cream?
c: sure... (grabs little bowl)
g: with three cookies?
c: one
g: ok...
c: what kind?
c: meat?
g: daaaad
c: no really... meat cookie?
g: stop it...
c: we got steak cookies
g: stop
c: and hamburger cookies
g: NO REALLY stop ! I want choc...
c: Oh and lamb cookies... they come with little mint jullip-ee things on them...
g: YUCK... would you eat a lamb cookie?

... no seriously... all of sudden my brain
decided that lamb cookie was a good
term of endearment for a womans...
er... cookie.
then I fell apart laughing.
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