March 21st, 2005


Monday, March 21

Holy frick'en sunshine... Clearly mother nature found her valium supply.
The kids are sick... when he coughs... every four or five seconds, geo sounds like a very seriously big dog with a tracheotomy and Edward... had a long night of fevers breaking, and little sad coughs.
So... first thing I did today was call the school and let 'em know there's no chance of seeing the boys till ... well, prol'y wednesday.
But then it was all about going through my morning routine in a quiet, sun drenched house.

Oh!!! and goofy as this may sound, I gave my face a complete and close and smoooooth blade shave in the shower yesterday - no cuts, no rash... !. A while ago I bought one of those Mach3 miniature vibrators that doubles as a shaver and practiced a few times... (*I have only shaved my face with a 'lectric shaver since I was nineteen... my skin had - has? - issues.... A history of reacting rather badly to blade shaving). There is no such thing as a shaver that shaves as close as a blade and when I see family photos from like, christmas or whatever, despite having recently shaved, I would always look ... shaded. So... the goal is to find the perfect shave and I'm getting closer. :) (wee pun intended!)

weirdness: when co-worker dude finishes a conversation with Just say'en... and grins.

~ dk blue ftls
~ dk blue dockers... oh joy... they match...
~ beige t shirt... that nobody will ever see...
~ maroon dress shirt and dk blue tie... sigh...
~ on finding a way to not be so numb... long last four days...
~ research a little on the availability of Bell Expressview sat-dish PVR's... because this week may just... be... the... week...
~ be my boss's bid bitch... I mean, bottom line, I do what I'm told... as most of us corpo-geek-snacks* do... and I know it's gonna be all about freaking out about a bid this week.
~ watch Medium tonight...
~ start a new project with some changes to my web site... (*Yes, I know it's mostly crap... but you cannot believe how much content there is in my web space... sigh... format changes are ... awesome projects.
~ finish up my SIL's computer... and copy my nieces vast collection of mp3's etc from their old disk to the new one...
~ look into warranty on a Western Digital hard disk.
~ for some really good karma to wrap up kiki679...
~ and a little good fortune out to carefreespirit
~ I had some magical insight that would help me select a new game... COH? WOW? FFX? what???? my biggest game turn on is ... momentum...
~ and some more good vibes and a squeeze out to haela... just cuz.

// understand this.

Belief in a thing... does not make it real, to anyone but the believer.
Regret... has no face value, but can eat away at your mental savings.
And love will not live in a lonely house.
So do yourself a favour...
Never regret your love, and believe in yourself.
You're real... you have value and your love will make you a better person.

Ok... I gotta go and get busy with the fizzy... :)

*corpo-geek-snacks : outragiously experienced tech sector geeks, kept in cube farms to be snacked on by upper management when they need ... "the answer".
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