March 20th, 2005


Sunday, March 20

Well I managed to get it to take a few frames but without a "XP version" of the iSight software, the pictures really really sucked.
er... my BIL loaned me his iSight to try out... and it's coming in handy to test some firewire problems I'm having with my other camera... :)

Yesterday... sigh... was not a good day.
I had a headache the size of a planet... brought on by getting whatever the kids have.
Geo seems to be past the fever stage and is now firmly into the coughs-so-much-his-throat-is-on-fire stage.
Edward? Spent yesterday in serious fever cycles... Getting him to take medicine is harder than getting the pope to go out on hallowween.
We are ... the sick family. ug.
Now... I'm feeling surprisingly good, so maybe my cycle was just headache and done. The jury is still out.
Z has had... well... really nothing of this yet... so fingers are fully crossed.

Oh, and we watched Ray last night.
I cried and cried every time it dealt his little brother George... sigh.
Lovely movie. Who knew he was such dick... talented... genius... but a dick.

~ pj pants, and a big gap hoodie.
~ to listen to the umpteenth playing of The Incredibles as a kind of back drop to our household...
~ to take care of the sick crew...
~ finish installing software on my SIL's computer...
~ go to TKD? not sure...
~ not go to my brothers for dinner... sick kids making that ... a no go.
~ to shoot big congrats out to nbbmom on the sale of that house!!! (wohoo). (are you singing along with Gwen to "If I was a rich girl..." ??? :D)
~ meeshsmind's head doesn't hurt too much today.
~ that gravity manages to shake the headache...

Geek question: Ever heard of this? Plug in Hard Drive to IDE and Power in a pc as a master disk... and computer WILL NOT EVEN START... I'm talking "ON" button sends power for 1/1000th of a second and the system just sits there... no power.. no nothing. Unplug drive... plug in another drive... presto-bingo No Problemo. So as soon as I plug the this one western digital 80gig drive in ... dead. Replace it with another western dig 80gig drive and we're good to go? Can the PFM* on a hard disk actually cause this? (wary wary strange).

ok... I go be doc dad... and see how things are in the house of cough.
Talk to you later. :)

* PFM: pure fucking magic... descriptive phrase for whatever happens inside the little black chips on computer parts.

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the flowers are pretty well the only things that make the occasion noteworthy.
Well... there's the chocolate too.
kinda seems like all the holidays are in some way directly tied to either chocolate or booze, or some strange combination of the two.

In all of my laughing-at-religion moments... nothing comes close to the easter stuff.
~ but the flowers... are absolutely beautiful.

(note: yes, I know easter is not till next weekend...)

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oh geez...

Geo is at this absolutely horrid, phlemy (I'd say Flemish... but then there'd be all the jokes), hacking stage.
It's all sore in his little throat, and his lungs are like Old Fishing Boat bilges.

When he coughs a few times ... tears start streaming down his cheeks...
It's sorta like Darth Vader except they mixed up his injections at the evil empire medical clinic,
and Vader's all hopped up on estrogen instead of his normal pure evil.

We just did the "sit in the bathroom with the super hot shower steaming everything up" thing...
No idea if that helps but it makes everyone feel like they're trying to do something.

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somewhere in the receses of my ancient mind...
there are memories of writers slagging on the movie...

You know... Dustin, Robin, Maggie Smith!!

Well naysayers bedamned...
There are only a handful of movies that seem to never run out of the ability to entrance children of all ages... but mostly the young'ens.
And Hook is there among it's stellar peers.