March 18th, 2005


Friday, March 18.

Thank you so very much for the kind words of concern for little Geo.

His fever was rip roaring evil last night... I was in the "tepid cloth" zone for quite a while there... just mopping his head and chest. He had a scarlet fever when he was a baby and I've convinced myself that this is the reason he gets soooo red when he gets a fever. He's got an terrible headache again and still coughing... so I'm gonna take him to the clinic at lunch. Poor little guy. He's up at 100 now but was down to normal for the latter portion of the night. sigh.

I bought another Antec Sonata case for my SIL and a new DVD burner / player thing... which means I was out at that computer store run by the guy that is... and no fool'en here, an absolute walking talking character from Sponge Bob... He's the fish guy... tall... thin... sort of Asian, very bald, lips the size of small african countries that always seem to be moist. It's highly creepy. He's infinately nice and helpful ... and they have the best price spread for parts I've found in the city without sacrificing an actual return policy. (

~ green ftls...
~ old blue jeans [ :: that fit... just perfect thankyouverymuch :: ]
~ a comfy shirt... blue...
~ to spend the day watching over my sick little demon... his fever is still there... I'm thinking the clinic is in my near future.
~ take apart my SIL's old computer, put together her new computer... maybe even get to installing xp... time will tell.
~ fold laundry!
~ finish a game of Middle Earth Risk with Geo...
~ write the survivor update... sorry I didn't get that done yesterday... :(
~ oh geez... that kimmellee wraps herself in a protective coating and makes it through the rest of today!
~ that kiki679 lives through a friday at work... we sure share the "busiest day of the week is friday" deal...
~ to thank wolfiegirl for her informative response... :) OO
~ that the world of hi-fly'en finance goes well for dishpan_nipples :D

Edward has discovered 1080... (the snowboarding game for gamecube). Geo and I have been playing it since christmas (I'm very easily addicted to games that translate momentum and balance well... remember Descent? (looooved that game)). Anyways... Ed's had only had eyes for Zelda (Wind Waker or Ocarina) but he's all about the snow boarding now. The thing is... he's ridiculously good at it. This is his method... he watches people play games... board games, video games, whatever until his brain is completely filled with it... and then tries it. When he does (try it) he's already so good at it that it kinda seems impossible. :) I love the way his little mind works.
Ok, I love everything about him... who am I kidding... hahaha...

So a couple of Sihks admit to blowing up that Air India flight, admit to wanting to visit punishments on India and it's government, and can be tied to the process of actually assembling the bombs... but after 20 years in court the judge cant be sure if they are really guilty. What a moron! What a completely fucked and stupid situation. You're going down in history as the worlds most pathetic excuse for a Canadian Judge... period. I feel for the indian communities here... they must feel like they have been utterly abused by this system.!!

I really need to go on a cleaning binge around some of my zones... office... basement... garage... A couple of weeks off work without a planned vacation to fill the time... would be priceless... Wont happen in a million years... but it would be nice. Although, if I ever just up and quit... and maybe started my own business, I'm sure I could manage the two week thing... I wonder if I can get a successful business going where people pay me to sit at home, drink coffee and read stuff on the internet? ar ar ar...

Have a great Friday!!!

Survivor X Update!!!

Survivor X : Palau

Fucking Ibrehem!

Wherein... the relentless torture of Team Loser steams ahead unchecked. Jeff pulls a couple of rats out of his hat when they play one of his sadistic games and what’s left of Ulong is kicked in their collective nads. Two people get kicked out tonight but sadly neither one is the dead man walking that should have gone... It's clearly kick-em-when-they're-down time in Palau.

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