March 17th, 2005


Thursday, March 17

K... another crazy gorgeous day... This is one seriously amazing March Break... weather wise.
Now if only we were skiing... :(*

Today will be spent taking care of kids, writing, cooking and trying to get outside... :)
Hopefully... very little actual work ... would be nice.

~ hmm so far? blue ftls
~ pj pants
~ gray b.u.m. t and a denim shirt...
~ and several layers of sleep in my eyes...
~ well... a shower.
~ log in to work and see if boss man has left me some bid work
~ write up about survivor and amazing race...
~ go to computer store with the boys... parts for SIL's computer
~ make a nice dinner
~ tend to Geo... he's a feverish little guy...
~ we were skiing... :)
~ to congratulate the beree girl (razzberee) on her new digs!!
~ to send some good mommy-to-be vibes out to Amy... jaggedpill ... as she heads into the last month of her big-belli-moments... :)
~ that some good karma wraps up angryvixen and keeps her warm.


I think the biggest drag about trying to keep track of so many friends...
Is that it's not really possible.

// ok... quick test... (walks away to go count... ... ok back.)
I have twelve pairs of ftls... how many pairs of underwear do you have ... total?

I definitely need to see a man about a horse.

Have a great Thursday!!! :)

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Happy St. Paddy's Day.
aka... happy day to celebrate drunkenness, abusive behaviour, violence brought on by the pathetic mixture of distilled hops and distilled testosterone.
or... happy day to wear ugly clothes and act like a tramp, let your makeup smear, and generally get a beer belly... which is really never attractive on anyone.

My lineage... Budapest and Belfast.
There's Irish blood in there...

Do you get the notion that I'm not much a St. Stupids Day celebrant?

~ lol

Amazing Race 7 Update!!

Amazing Race 7 Update!!

Bulimia, It's The New Pink.

It's all about... the Rob and Amba Dynasty. And no matter how distasteful that may be, you gotta admit they're not only stealing the money, they're stealing the show. Peckers... :D

You know (btw), over the last three seasons, it's really seemed like there is less complexity to their "race" and more time spent dealing with the personalities. The personalities, however, are limited to the very standard stereotypes while the world they are racing through is endlessly cool. My point, I guess, is that the show is more fun when they put more into the locations and the challenges... Just my two cents.

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