March 16th, 2005


Wednesday, March 16...

Ok ... three things!!!
One... you cannot imagine how gorgeous it is outside... the weather-idiots are calling for clouds and stuff ... but so far, their weather-people clichés as it remains sunny and g-g-g-g-g-gorgeous out there...
Two... I know I mentioned it last night... but the kids dissolving in laughter at the Stooges ... was just so fricking classic... :)
Three... I'm in such a good freaking mood that it's almost scary. I mean, a really good mood makes you feel... artificially maybe... but "feel" never the less, more self confident... more alive... just... MORE. It's a MORE day. :) (k'mere... touch me... I'm electric... z-z-z-z-z-zap)

~ blue ftls... I'd call 'em new... but that's getting old...
~ dk blue dockers.
~ white t... maroon (5) dress shirt... and a tie... blue thing with that pattern hiding inside the silk... what do you call that? Baroque? something like that I think....
~ gah!!! busy day!!!
~ career dev meeting at 10:00...
~ teleconference @ 11 re: the big rfp I've been working on
~ lunch thing slash meeting downtown at 12:00
~ bid freak out time all afternoon ...
~ SURVIVOR IS ON TONIGHT... NOT TOMORROW... (and Alias is new!! :D)
~ that my friend harleydog keeps her follic acid up ... hahahaha... ok ok sorry. :D
~ that there's a healthy monkey in the near future for fallingforward... no seriously? A monkey?
~ to send a rather random hug like moment out to westhill_mom just because...
~ that my friend kimberly27616 had some red shoes so she could click the heals together...
~ for life to spin some really good vibes at ladymeg1
~ that a wee bit of a miracle finds it's way to grrrrrrrrrrrowl gramps... hugs sugar...

// So back in the eighties when quebec was busy succumbing to the manipulation of the vogue "separatist" political pressures... they had this referendum on "Separating from Canada".... Among all the talk about "how you gonna afford that le-dip-smack?", the anger, the threat of becoming State Fifty One... etc... the government set up something called "The Sponsorship Program" and funneled vast wealth into it ostensibly for buying Quebec attitude. The idea was to convince Quebecers that Canada was wonderland by various advertising methods. The problem was that 100 million $ got spent... on really stupid shit. Like 5$ million on shirts... well, actually only $3 mill on this particular example of shirts... the other $2 million was spent on the efforts of the wholesaler to ensure the shirts were of good quality. So 3 million on shirts... 2 million to make sure they were shirts... oh, and this supplier was Dude A and the "wholesaler" that had to incur 2 million in costs to make sure the shirts were shirts... was the guys DAD!!!!! Both of these guys were buddies of the guy that was running the "Sponsorship Program". Are you digging this? I mean, this is just an example... it's way WAY worse than I can explain here... Yeah... they are all in court now... but it's one of those "inquiry" things... which is like a Court that left it's dentures in a jar by the door. The stories of all this fucking corruption is just hilarious ... and worse still... the "inquiry" will spend over 100 million in "getting to the truth".
I am soooo glad I pay my taxes ... NOT.

// k... I gotta git... busy day is screaming at me. :)
See ya.
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