March 15th, 2005


Tuesday, March 15

Ok... dull ache in my head is keeping me from feeling 100%. I want to though... feel 100% that is... Everything is rosy... the weather is fabulous, I've been getting great nights of sleep, no huge worries other than remembering to sort out stuff for my friend Lynly... so I do not deserve a headache. Given those considerations... I suppose the headache should just vanish ??!! :D I think I'll go for a walk at lunch and get some fresh air. This very well could be the answer.

Last night was all about watching "Medium" and then... basically falling asleep on the sofa... the floor in front of the sofa... the sofa again... and then on my bed... hahaha... I may have to try dabbling in Speed or something... I can't take this being-tired-at-night thing... it's messing with my leisure schedule. :)

~ blue ftls
~ black cotton cargos... nice though... work-wear...
~ white ribbed T (stop... don't go there)
~ a dk blue "pinwhale corduroy" button up shirt.. .
~ still wearing the big grin yo... :)
~ fixing up a couple of docs (format time) for the boss...
~ more bid resource matching stuff...
~ and if I find a spare moment... dive back into the on-line training course I've been taking... in like 5 minute bursts... (gah!!!)
~ it's an Amazing Race night... :) :D - maybe something will actually happen in tonights episode... oh look... is that a shark?
~ the pending liver infection is quickly overcome by wenchlette... hugs.
~ like crazy that stephanie is ok???? damn you are just not having a good day sugar... Dear stephaniekaye ... have a better day!!!
~ that costello1177 has a great trip to Ottawa!!! :)

Dear Universe;
Ease up a bit on my friends would ya?
Honestly... I look around and read and
am almost guilt ridden by how many
wonderful and positive things there
are going on in my world right now.

On Friendship
A friend supports without judgment,
listens long after it stops making sense,
and will try to be a place of calm in an otherwise stormy world.
Your door will never lock a friend out...
but it will lock one in for safe keeping,
and when the spirit has all but failed...
a friend will build a friend back up.
Most of all... a friend will know when it's not time to try and solve a friends problems,
but rather just let the tears tumble out with the words and be the hands that hold tight.

~ if you don't know how to love a friend... learn.
There are few greater accomplishment in this life.


Just a few numbers...
100% of the United States imports of Natural Gas come from Canada.
95% of the United States imports of electricity come from Canada. In fact... so much of the US relies on the power generated from Canadian hydro stations that it's actually quite scary.
The United States has 3% of the worlds Oil reserves.
The United States consumes 20% of the worlds Oil.


Have a wonderful day muchachos y muchachas... :)

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hahaha... ok.

Here's some manifesto type info for those that actually give a rats ass...
(and that there are any that do give a rats ass... never ceases to amaze me)

I will say what ever I like in my journal...
and if it's slanderous or libelous...
then those affected can sue me...
but I don't actually ever do that...
so that's a non-issue.

If my ragg'en on the rant-de-jour gets your panties in a bunch...
Please go and make yerself a cup of I don't actually give a shit.
Or feel free to stop reading my journal. (d'uh!!)

People come to me with words of derision wanting to let me know how disappointed they are in what I have to say.
Others are more forward with attitude but the most fun are the many that take the time to write emails...
You are welcome to comment in such a way all you like but when I tire of your complaining about how I write in my journal... please expect me to make fun of you.

I love... Love with a capital L, the invitations to debate, heated or otherwise, that are sparked by my sometimes (hahaha...ok, often) overt attitudes about things.
I have changed my tune, found new insights and learned a great deal from those exchanges.

My journal! Mine.
My opinions... Mine!

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An 'ism. :)

Appearance is a not so much currency as it is credit.
A debt of that sort is paid despite your very best efforts to avoid it.
Kindness, however, bears no interest and is accepted worldwide.

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ok... for like $1.50 I grabbed a dvd with three episodes of the classic Three Stooges show.
as I type... I can hear my kids falling apart in the family room as they watch an episode.