March 14th, 2005


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~ what's the difference between a sweet marie and an oh henry? i mean... seriously...

~ we watched M. Night Shamalamadingdong's Village tonight. I enjoyed it... completely. Sadly, I kept realizing what was about to happen every time something was... about to happen. I suppose that means his formula is tired. Still, I enjoyed it. :)

~ I came out of the grocery store with a couple of bags in my hands... pushed the "start car" button on the key chain (I'm shoppen in suz's car...). The car starts and then I push the "unlock" button, and grab the handle and pull... shit! If you try to open the door while the electric door unlocker-thingy is still in mid "unlock" the door you're working will not unlock. This happened... so I press "lock"... wait... it all cycles, and then I press "unlock"... and fricking pull on the door handle too soon. gah!!!! Oh, great, the people in the car beside me have arrived with kids and a million bags of groceries... "lock"... "unlock"... but the drivers door wont unlock!!!! sssssssshit! Ok... fine "stop engine" button. Wait... tapping toe... press "unlock"... NOTHING... aahhhhh! right... "start"... (car auto cycles locks when it remote-starts) ... all the locks click... press "unlock"... cliiiiiick. FINALLY... the car unlocks... I open the door and get in. And sit there... looking at the key in my hand... thinking about the fucking keyhole on the outside of the car door... LOSER! hahahahahaha....

~ we borrowed two movies from my SIL... Mean Girls and The Notebook. We watched mean girls the other day. We laughed... the kids watched it today... they laughed. Suz and I watched The Notebook on Friday night... It was fabulous (btw) ... and halfway through I realized that I was watching the meanest of the mean girls. Rachel McAdams,... she stars in both movies. She was excellent in Notebook. Impressive range... from super-plastic-mean to ... the adorable woman in Notebook.

~ sleeeepy.

ni ni.

Monday, March 14

The sun is shining... It's frigg'en lovely out. I mean... not cold... sigh...
I gotta say, it would have been nice to have weather like this for skiing last week. However... it's March Break for the kids... so I should be happy 'bout nice weather. :D

I woke up in a quiet house... walked over the bed and across the rug to shut the evil beeper up.
I am the ONLY person in my house that wakes up with the alarm... and it's a loud pain-in-the-ass alarm.

I wandered through the routine with total peace and quiet... hahaha... it was nice.
My last moments in the house were giving Suz, Geo and Ed little kisses and saying goodbye...
Suz kinda woke up... Geo was definitely awake... and Edward? I could have dunked him in ice water... and he'd still be asleep. :)

~ green ftls
~ dk blue dockers...
~ dk blue t hiding under a blue turtleneck...
~ blowing my nose... like six hundred million times... or as it sounds when I say it... dix hundred dimes... (snnnnnnnort) ug.
~ more bid stuff... sigh...
~ a little "work" related initiative... with out websites...
~ lunch with co-workers as a "reward" for some bid work a while ago...
~ tonight? well... no plans... It might be a good night to get my buggy fix at
~ oh and I put a big honking pork roast in the crock pot this morning... so we're having my bro and his squeeze over for dinner.
~ (*and maybe my fingers will stop smelling like onions soon... !!!!!)
~ to congratulate easilydistractd on 7 days smoke free... Good hunting sugar.!!
~ that kimmellee ... doesn't catch a cold... what with that breeze and all... :)
~ that I get to go to Carolina someday soon... and visit Kimberly... see some donna... and check out Catherines new digs!!!! (wow!)

So here's the thing... I'm not totally daft... as so many may think.
I know that I deserve the sound criticisms I get when I relate images of nazi germany to american foreign policy... and the tremendous animosity I seem to solicit by making my regular criticisms of the situation in the middle east... let alone the US involvement there-in. I say that shit because I want to piss people off... I want to make them think... Articulating your anger at me... reveals your beliefs on the issues at hand, and puts the issue on a front burner for you ... even if only for the few minutes that it takes to write me a note calling me a crazy fucker, or suggesting I'm a complete nut case. (and I get a lot of that... :D).

The problem is that I cannot for the life of me... understand what the hell is going on with Americans.
Why are you not rising up and demanding your government smarten the fuck up?
Why are you not protesting the governments involvement in illegal wars?
Why are there not demonstrations rallying the population against the unending flow of American son's and daughters to go and die or be dismembered in the middle east?

There is a terrible light on the horizon. The future is not a loose mist of unexplained possibility... People with a lot more smarts than I can ever hope for, articulate the reality of the pending Oil crisis in terms that scare the absolute crap out of me. The war on terror (totally misusing the word "terror" by the way) is causing so much terror that I cannot believe people are still falling for the governments line on this issue.

Apologists who tell me that Iraq is soooooo much better off today ... and that the people are happy etc etc etc... Kurds and kids and water and ... shut up!!!! You are being fed a line of crap just like you were when the automakers decided you all needed to drive SUVs. You have an occupying army in a ravaged country that is daily offering up more of it's citizens in a frenzied attempt to wrest control of their nation back from you. Face it. Admit it. And read a UK news paper on-line every now and then. Would it surprise you to hear that CNN is not the last fucking word on truth in news-media?

// ok, I'll stop. I'm sorry this topic is so offensive to so many... but it's my planet too...