March 7th, 2005


Monday, March 7

Too close? bwaahahaha... check the smile wrinkles...
Got those? Wear 'em like badges of honor baby.
If you look close... you can tell that my brown and rapidly vanishing hair is turning gray. :)

It's fricken snowing... like mad. No really... it's nothing but white.
Twenty five cm's to add to the fifteen from yesterday...
And this is at street level. Up in the mountains* ... it's only going to be better.

See.... we pack up the car tonight... and take off for [ :: grayrocks :: ] tomorrow morning.
Wake up, and ski... for three days. If you were thinking to yourself... "self... I bet that corto person is really excited." then you'd be a fucking psychic

My co-worker dude... is having multiple orgasms in his cube... well, ok, not quite but another worker-drone showed up with his iPod Image... or whatever it's called... 40 gigs and will show images... it's a lovely bit of geek but still sooooo very 'spensive.
Oh, and take note: (like it's actually important hahaha) I have finally come up with a reason to want iPod shuffle.
FOR SKIING. :) So if you're rich and feeling generous... I'll be happy to give you my home address. :D

~ blue ftls
~ black kinda cargos
~ dk blue t and a dk blue turtleneck. :)
~ not sure but I suspect... well, more of the same thing from Friday... which was working on the components of a new service offering for the team.
~ find out more about my potential assignment to a client...
~ and find out a wee bit more about possible training... sigh... (I wish!)
~ go to Old Navy at lunch and return a pair of pants I bought for Edward... DIG IT... one leg is actually fully two inches shorter than the other???? wtf!!!!
~ go to Sportmart and buy a couple of ski locks. :)
~ to welcome ladyfire home from her fabulous sunshine adventure. Same Hemisphere baby... same hemisphere.
~ to remind the whole world that mishpish is really just sweet like candy and her rob is a lucky rob... :)
~ that haela would internalize the notion that we are, each of us, very precious.... so by definition... that includes you.! period.
~ for the zen of it all to sort out for my own private no... and that "possessiveness" was just for fun... like adding "A-Go-Go" to the end of a bar name.
~ that Amy (groovysegue) gets some sleep before somebody asks her to say that "Chancellor Helmut got a new helmet to wear when he's hunting at the hamlet..." 'cause you know she'd be spitting with laughter and rolling around on the floor... and that can't be a good thing. :D

// thiev'en bastaches... :D
So if you're old... like me... you'll remember the phrase "Give a Kid a Break... Lock it and Pocket the key". Bumper stickers from the 70's and 80's... because kids are kids. Lock your car and save them from themselves. I forgot that on the weekend... and things almost got stupid. I left the trunk of my car open when I walked around the side of the ski lodge to get the rest of the skis... Suz and Ed were in the can and Geo was with me. When I came back around there were four boys and two girls... shopping in my trunk. One was "lookout" and I saw him say "he's coming..."
God... they calmly started walking away and I FLIPPED OUT. I dropped everything except Suz's skis and I charged 'em... er... ran at them and confronted them waving the skis around like I was Bruce Freaking Lee with a spear. I made 'em empty out their pockets... open coats, turn around, etc etc etc... I was a total ass hole... but see, I've been in this place before and ended up very badly burned. So I was taking no chances. They hadn't taken anything... yet. And regardless of their intention... their actions were dumb ass... So I got the ski resort staff to come and talk to 'em too... They were laughing that teenager self-important-defense-mechanism laugh ... but I knew the threats of never being allowed to ski there again and the crazy white boy waving the skis around... will, if nothing else, make 'em think about twice next time temptation calls to them. And believe me... I know the real mistake here was mine. I'll not make that one again anytime soon.

// the brown guy in the Mean Girls... Indian perhaps... that was the Mathlete MC Hip Hop dude... oh my god was he fucking hilarious or what??? The lyrics to his song at the Talent Show... bwaaahahahahaha...

Here's a thought...
Prohibition creates the problem. Law enforcement just has to live... and die... with it.

Hokey-dokey... time to get busy.
Have a fab day muchachos... er ... y muchachas... of course. :)

* mountains" here along the Gatineau range means something different than what people out west know about ... but tough... I'm taking what I can get. :D)
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Question: is the "can't post comments from your email-comment thingy" problem limited to gmail or is anyone having that problem that uses Hotmail or yahoo?

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Special Note: If you are a frienditto member... or if anyone who has ever used your cutlery is a frienditto member... I wanted to take a moment to say... I don't care.

~ wonders why so many people freak out with so little information in hand...

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Ok... so... this image;
is live and ganked from the Ministry of Transport highway traffic cam pointing at the road I have to hop on to get home...

ok... I'm leaving early... I have a few stops to make on the road home and I need a head start.
See ya tonight.

ps. Feedback from other posts...

~ It seems the frienditto thing really is a problem... given that people that FOOLISHLY give frienditto their passwords to lj run the risk of having their friends pages reposted on a publically accessable web page. The only reason this strikes any kind of chord with me - because my gut say's who really cares people? - is that posts people put up with comments about their office which they normally rely on as being "friends only" (therefore relatively protected) may be made suddenly publically available ... and people get fired for that kinda shit in Canada and the US.

~ also, that problem with in-line responses via emailed comments... is not limited to gmail... (bummer).