March 6th, 2005


Sunday, March 6

yaaaawwwwn.... er... awake much?
[ :: yeah... and I can smile when I'm tired... :: ]

Yesterday was ... amazing. The temps were around zero, we had the boys to their last ski lesson in that session and we all enjoyed a full day on the hills.
I am over the moon happy with my new skis (rosi bandits). These are dramatically better than the "dynamics" I bought (and returned) before.

Suz and I watched Mean Girls (borrowed dvd - pointing out so you don't go thinking I spent actual money on this...)
~ and then laughed our asses off at the movie. It was better than I had anticipated... and, just say'en... the dumb one was the cutest. (That dog, chewing on mom... ahahaha...)

My parents are in Honk Kong today... leaving (I think) in the early morning for ... ports distant.

~ pj pants
~ gap hoodie
~ warm sox!
~ ug... well, it's been cleaning and sheepherding (sp?) homework since 9:30...
~ and there's more homework to get 'em to do... (sigh)
~ then TKD... where my acking self will surely get even more pissed at me. :D
~ groceries...
~ shoveling the mountain of snow off my laneway
~ desperate house wives tonight...
~ oh, and watch the BSG on tape from last night. :)
~ that hotblue enjoys her little segues across journal land... :)
~ for designergirl to find ... the bit of energy she's left somewhere...
~ and for aeue to get what she's hoping for.

My thoughts and hopes and prayers and wishes go out catherine as she faces down the next many months bring her babies into the world. :)

~ the rythmic thump, squish of a chair lift tower half way up a mountain...
~ tear stains on a kumon lesson page...

card stories

I go into Futureshop about a half hour before closing today.
I show the service desk girl that I have my camera and a memory card with me but I want to talk to the camera dudes first.
No problemo...

Camera dude... is this memory card defective?
We try it out in a couple of cameras.
put card in camera... turn camera on... camera goes mental and ultimately appears to die. Remove card... all is well.
~ official pronouncement... card is toast.

Back to service desk.
See I can't produce any paperwork on this memory card, but it came from this store.
When warranty service gave up on my old camera and you told me to take the new one...
I bitched that my old one was CF and this new one was SD ... and I had this 128 meg card.
So they traded me for an "open box card".
No paper trail. Straight trade to get the white guy to shut up...

She was totally good with this and checked with her "manager".
That card sells for 39$ now...
So pick what you want... and we'll reduce it by that much.

Gets a 256 meg card* and pays the diff.
Yes I still wish I had a new camera... but having one is better than not. :)

* you know... those cards you put in your camera to save images on... they have "speeds"
The inexpensive cards are like 1.5x or 8x and as the price goes up... you get the 24x and the 32x.
So a 256 meg 32x card is waaaaay more attractive to me than a 512 meg 4x card.
The "x"-age is the speed at which it can handle read/write.
So when you snap a pic... you get control back faster because it spends less time writing the image file to the card.
(and please... if you know more about this and know that what I just explained is for shit... speak up... I'm only just learning about this stuff and I welcome any better info).

Any ways... camera's ready for our big trip this week. :)