March 3rd, 2005


Thursday, March 3

Oh it's a classic winter day... crisp kinda cold... snow squeeeks in a nasty tickles-the-back-of-your-neck kinda way... windy... and brilliant sunshine.
The Wake-Up zone was challenging today... I was up a bit late and the kiddies were just fiercely tired. Sponge Bob is always "two segments" long... and they (the kids) have to be brushing their teeth by the time the first one ends... if they want to catch their bus... So I'm shooo'ing them along (Hi shoo!! :D) to eat their breakfasts... Tired Kids Eat Slow (TKES baby!).

Boss was asking... "Why do you have a picture of Condeleza Rice up on the wall in your office..."
I reach into my drawer and grab my dart gun....

My parents leave today... they are traveling to Honk Kong and then boarding the QE2 to travel for 40 days and nights through the Far and Middle east.
I spent a goodly bit of time last night... hugg'en and kiss'en them both.
... may all the gods keep them in good health and protect them from crazy people.

~ black stripee ftls
~ gray dress pants
~ black t and a big warm sweater... kinda beige...
~ developing the bits that will be the documentation for a new "service offering" based on what we just did (workshops) for the last client...
~ going to buy Geo some pants at lunch...
~ to watch Survivor tonight... :D (and maybe Alias from last night...)
~ my lj friends in Honk Kong would write to me... so I can tell 'em what hotel my folks will be in (in HK) this weekend... and then they can phone 'em up and say hey!!
~ with every ounce of my loving heart that my friend catherine has a good 7 months ahead of her... :)
~ some get-bedda-soon vibes out to crayolaphoenix's young'en. :)
~ that teq enjoys her new toy... and gets some sleep!!! sheesh. :)
~ and hoping that giggly_girl manages to lose the head-boomer today. :)

I wanted to make a special wish and send it out to canuckgirl... Cathy has move her self across the country... completely uprooting her world of home, work, rest and play. It seems like things are going well for her (she's posting morning notes using the LJ Email interface) and I do hope that all is well as she settles in. Congratulations Cathy... I know this was a big deal... and it sure looks like you've pulled it all together. :)

Dear Condeleza;
It is my great pleasure to not welcome you to Canada.
Keep you skanky self back in George's pockets.
Not coming to Canada because we didn't sign on with your masters freak show plan to restart the cold war?
How about the US screwing over Canada on Cattle crossings...
And when you're cattle industry is dessimated because you refuse to properly test for BSE... I'll giggle my way through a chicken salad.
Or maybe you'd like to talk softwood lumber for a while...
Oh wait... You stayed home... so we can't talk.
Your loss Moisha (which is clearly, and unintentionally racist... so change that to...) Dumb-ass.
Eat a peach ... and you're a punk.
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