March 2nd, 2005


Wednesday, March 2

Crystal clear... the sky after a snow day.
This translates into wind... lots of wind.
And serious punk-ass-cold weather.
"well it's minus 14 out there but with the windchill.. it will feel like minus 28"
(*you butt head weather dip... that means... it's minus 28... wind chill my frozen but cheek!)

Dear Mother Nature:
Please hold fast to this lovely day thing...
Ease up on the temperatures...
and lets have a nice Saturday mmmk?

Note: omg... my boss teases me about what I'm wearing as-per my morning posts...
You know this guy sits at home at night... ... reading my journal.
So basically... I'm writing this for him to read.
Hi Boss. You really shouldn't read this stuff dude...
I mean... what if I was talking trash about you? (never happens... snarf)
To set the record straight... Boss-man is a Lady Killer that would make Warren Beaty jealous...
Svelte... was invented as a word to describe this guy...
Oh look... what's this stuck to the tip of my nose...
Oh it's... er...

~ dk blue ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ white corded t and a big honking warm p-z turtleneck.!!
~ internal work web site update...
~ external work web site update...
~ client survey data flip out... (means, millions of phone calls)
~ to write about AR7 tonight... :)
~ that smalltowngirlie keeps on having so much fun!!!
~ for nbbmom to hold onto that feel'en-good-vibe... :)
~ and that Wes feels better soon... (hi Jess)

When they first came into my world...
All my love didn't hide me from the apprehension.
My self image kept focusing on my high school self and earlier...
Wondering ... how did I get here? and ... can I do this?

I would look at her... and know that we could do anything,
but every moment was the template that seemed to draw the rest of time.
"It will always be like this..." was the fear de'jour.

The passing moments revealed the new horizons.
They grew... and so did we.
The future, however... was a cloud.
A projection of my younger self played against that cloud.
Broken images... and moments passing into ... the life that was.

Routines, responsibilities, work and play... everything was... hard.
It all reminded me of why I hold my parents in such high regard.
And again... images paint across the clouds that find me.
Images of childhood and the play that was there, wondering again...
How did I get here? and... can I do this?

Now... we are all a little older.
The prospect of that seemed a thing of fortunes cruel hand,
but now I know...
I am only just beginning to really see.
This new road is where that old road was leading.
Life's class room is finally making sense.

When I see those images from long ago...
I realize they are ... becoming new.
The faces at play have become my boys,
and I see how we watch them... as I was watched.

The clouds seems so much lighter now.
I think I can even see the world behind them...
A place we have finally reached, where things become new again.
A time to paint memory's pictures with our now.
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Need Software Key:

Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems.

Bueler? Anyone?....

Amazing Race 7 Update!!!

Amazing Race 7 Update!!

Ready, Set, Go... Open Your Trunk!

It's all about... try'en not to spend the whole show yelling obscenities at Boston Knob! It's a green light as Phil stands his skinny ass self up in front of twenty two able bodied racers... er... twenty and the old guys, and yells go! It's a big fest of stereotypes and we get to watch them suffer.

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